Superceptions of Michael A. Krapek

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Welcome to superceptions:

The realm of Supercharged Perceptions.


The images that follow are all meant to provide the viewer with an ‘out and out’ experience that enables one to better see within; Transcendence, to naturally plug into the cosmic bit stream of dreamtime.  Let go of pre-conceptions and allow the detail to flow to the still point of thought, forming an awareness portal.  The 2012 re-boot of Worldwide Collective Consciousness is at hand, and the drawing of the medicine circle will become common practice.

The Stories index located on the top icon bar explains the esoteric knowledge used to create the visions, and the potential charge received by the viewer.  “Relax and let your mind flow downstream...”

Then open your eyes to the superceptive realm.

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IMAGES AND TEXT © 1974 to 2008-11

Michael A. Krapek


  Using psychometry as a tool into cultural anthropological inquiry, these images were brought to life from limestone lintels at Yaxchilan.

Left:  Seen through the mouth of the serpent, Lady Sexton has conjured an audience with her ancestor Yaxchilan, through trance projection.   The primary focus of ritual bloodletting centered on the miracle of visualization using an Incensario bowl filled with charcoal, copal incense, Sacred Peyote, and  self let blood.   The admixture was ignited emitting a smoky plume that was inhaled creating psychotropic intoxication.  Because of the blood link of DNA, love lost ancestors appeared in the smoky haze.  Conversations were conducted in real time giving profound counsel.  Visions were powerful to witness and were practiced for centuries.

Experiences similar to these were also ritualized with variations, by other ancient cultures the world over.

Many of the extraordinary images that follow in the Stories index attempt to illuminate the vast levels of consciousness that exist within the human mind.

So very vast, we are ONE soul!

Image below:  Ritual preparation.