Bird-Jaguar and Lady Balam Ix, Lintel 17 from Yaxchilan.

Michael A. Krapek, ©11/24/11.

“Echoes of a distant past come willowing in on sunlight wing,

a million bright ambassadors of morning...”*

Lord Bird-Jaguar and Lady Balam Ix are seen here, preparing for the blood ritual aspect of the Vision Serpent Ceremony.  Lady Balam is passing a barbed rope through her tongue to infuse the incensario bowl with her own blood, and Bird-Jaguar is doing the same through his penis with the tail prong from a horseshoe crab.  The incensario’s admixture of charcoal, copol incense, blood and Sacred Peyote is then ignited to open the portal to eternity.  The Maya realized that these portals are everywhere, SEEN through the extended sense of inner perception provided by power plants: what is plainly there yet remains hidden becomes visible, revealing “a million bright ambassadors...”  Through the link provided by their DNA, these folks who dearly loved their ancestors and descendants so much, were willing to pierce themselves and bleed in order to SEE them, and speak to them in real time through the use of the Smoking Bowl, the Incensario...With this eternal imagery, the future was seen in the distance, peeling back the veil of time carried into the present, to provide us with awareness for our liberation from the clutches of  entrenched tyranny currently covering this planet.  When you think about it, across the world, rituals continue in one way or another to emulate the memory of this scenario. 

This one surely worked, for thousands of years.


The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, by Morton and Thomas, p.185.

*Echoes, by Pink Floyd, Meddle album.

Echoes covers the Ascension, and is a wonderful portal in it’s own right...

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