Younger Than Yesterday


“My Back Pages”

©4/2009 Michael A. Krapek

Shot seen from the Martis Summit, overlooking Lake

Tahoe, North Star, and the Truckee Valley, California.

After recovering from an extended illness, Rob* took me up the

forest road to the summit, where the view opened to the wonder of the valleys below. 

“This is my life!” He said. “My back pages.”

Visionary Plant Consciousness

(Universal Mind decoder)

The ancient Juniper trees of the Sierras stand sentinel to the earth changes wrought by the hands of man.  Like the 800 acre single Quaking Aspen of eastern Utah, the root systems of all plants not only provide water and nutrients, but also interconnect to form a matrix of benign consciousness that circles the world.  This fibrous system is the neural internet of mother nature and has been accessed by Shaman culture for thousands of years using the botanical interface of power plants.  Their knowledge of this net provided them with access to timeless wisdom.

This is the soul of Gaia,

for everything a root touches is understood by the plant consciousness,

including the earthen soil silica quartz matrix of memory storage,

and all the fallen life forms who feed it.

Mayan saying:

“We are all leaves on the world tree.

When we pass, we fall beneath it and become the roots.”

The book morphology illustrates the ironic fact that even those

locked within conventional knowledge gathering (book learning: paper is wood) are embedded in the woody matrix.

Title inspired by the music of “The Byrds”

“My Back Pages” by Bob Dylan

from the album “Younger Than Yesterday”

*“Rob Gandhi”  ©2009 M. Krapek

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