“Who’s Your Friend?”


“Who’s Your Friend?”

©1976 M. Krapek

12”X16” Eagle Prismacolor

Seven Falls, Tucson, Arizona.

    The dialogue from the old Donald Duck cartoon.

Featuring Chip and Dale embroiled in a battle of wits with the old grouch concerning the pilfering of his apple orchard.

    Something like this;

Happily loading apples into a tree trunk,

Chip to Dale,  “Apple core?”

Dale to Chip,  “Baltimore!”

Chip to Dale again,  “Who’s your friend?”

Before Dale can answer,

“ME!”  Shouts Donald, surprising the two lads as they try to make off with the goods.

The cartoon ends when Donald fails to share his bounty and sets off a mushroom cloud.

    The Sonoran Whip snake surprised us the same way.

There was an apple core at the scene, so it seemed fitting...

Turns out, as my studies have advanced, I’ve found the serpent has always been the harbinger of information and insight.  Conditioning has brought us into a prejudiced relationship with the image of these creatures.  The Maya called the  serpent “Quetzalcoatl” and adorned him with feathered plumes to signify flight, or transcendence.

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