Tribal Gathering


“First World”

©6/2009 By:

Michael A. Krapek

(kin 178 White Solar Mirror)

Along the Arapahoe Trail, Garden of the Gods, Colorado.

By the turn of the last decades of the 19th Century, their homes destroyed by European encroachments,

the Buffalo butchered by fortune seekers and  brazen adventurers, the last bands of free Sioux submitted to the authoritarian impulse of civilization presented in the guise of militarism at

Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

The Great Horse Culture of the plains was consumed by progress and the

aboriginal impulse of awareness passed into history.*

The remnants of the Ghost Dance trickled through the decades,

until the flowering of the alternative flower culture of the sixties,

when the prophesy was realized:

“After 5 generations, Chief Seattle will Return!”

“First World”

Imagine this is the view of your first environment as an infant.

Rendered as an example of the archetype of the universal order conveyed by the

unitarian view of the natural Impulse of awareness held by aboriginal peoples everywhere.  When the imposition of authoritarianism is removed from the psyche, consciousness returns to its natural, original state.  Unfettered by the false dualistic notions of “good versus evil,” consciousness is freed to witness the limitless bounds of universal awareness, to realize the vastness of human potential,

and extend the hand of brotherhood.

The  Teepee is a template for the womb, the galaxy, the mind, and provides a secure environment for the family.  A home as an example of the cosmos, like the kiva, with an entrance point or Sipapu, and an exit or Sky Window.  The ring of the zodiac surrounding the vellum,

held up by 13 wooden pillars, or moons.

Maya and other tribes held account of birth dates on a 260 day calendar round, composing the 9 month gestation cycle.  This reflected the start point nature of any individual, the day the infant was initially plugged in to the great galactic circuit of awareness, cut from its mother’s tether.  This birthdate became one’s name.  Using one’s birthday as a starting point, it was easy for the Maya to track events in anyone’s life using the great spiral of the Tzolkin to divine timely virtue.

Inspired by:

“Tribal Gathering” by The Byrds

The Teepee at Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings, Colorado

*“Dances With Wolves” Directed by: Kevin Costner

Look up your birth date:  ><

The Natural Mayan Time Calendar,

decoded by the wonderful Jose Arguelles. 

This drawing was presented to my niece Emily, and her husband Kevin, for their’s was the first nest (July, 2009).

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