Colorized by: Michael A. Krapek ©11/2009

The north marker from Ballcourt A-IIB at Copan.*

The Mayan Calendar end Date: 12/21/12.

Written on the Maya long count as: 13 AHAU.

The Mayan ball game was more or less a theatrical cosmic event, acted out for all to see:

the interplay of the Sun with the great rift Xibalba-be of the Milky Way Galaxy. 

(Acted between Solar Lord and Sky Serpent Captain.) 

Until recently, the Mayan calendar as well as the written Mayan language,

held many secrets.  Then anthropologists immersed themselves, and delved into the use of Sacred Peyote, and the source meanings of so much the Maya wished to hand down became as clear as the Crystal Skull.

The Maya invested centuries in the cultivation of psychotropic botanicals.

It was the technology of their age...

They say the Creator gave them for to SEE.

The obvious resultant fruits of their efforts in creating the symbiotic interface with

the plant world was the domestication of many of the vegetable staples we use today.

And all this was done without the use of scientific inquiry, because they had a direct dialog with the root brain of the plant kingdom.

The psychotropic interface also provided them with knowledge that detailed the

return of the whole Human Race to the Garden of Eden (Xilbalba.)

They called this event

“The Transformation of Consciousness”

The Maya predicted the event to occur with the unravelling and recharge of the great “Torsion” wheel of the earth’s piezo-electric belt (the Mer Ka Ba) coinciding with the day the Sun eclipses the galactic hub on winter solstice,  December 21,2012.

This event happens only once every 26,000 years.

The Mayan Seers knew about precession, they knew about the black hole in the Galactic Hub, (they called it Hunab Ku or the Great Eye) and they knew about its steady stream of gamma ray emissions. The Maya, and all the ancients capped the torsion nodes with granite and limestone pyramids to diffuse and disperse this life altering energy.

With the ozone hole skirts up in the southern hemisphere,  solar focused and concentrated gamma radiation is going to provide a leap in evolution,

and consciousness.

Evolution always advances, and the next event on the horizon according to the world’s mystics is the universal awakening of the inner eye.

With it, interconnectedness, and the course of innocence.

From the Fountains of the Universe: Hope springs eternal!**


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The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness

by: Carl Johan Calleman

Antigravity and the World Grid by:David Hatcher Childress.

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