The World Tree


“Yours is no disgrace.”

©5/2007 M.Krapek

20”X24” Prismacolor on Vellum Bristol #300

Brought back from the dead,

Ruin of the Wizards at Teotihuacan, Mexico

The depiction is of a Quetzalcaan Brujo (Toltec Medicine Man)

manifesting in the trunk of the World Tree, as seen thru the intoxicating effects if the

Olloliqui plant.  Known as the Morning Glory, this herb grants witness to the interconnectedness

of all things.  The flower heads represent Nagual portals into the varied aspects of consciousness, such as dreaming, telepathy, and trance migration.  Each eyeball represents another individual on the World Tree; past, present, or future.  The sky and subterranean serpents represent the bio-electric force of life which is all pervasive.  By using gnosis plants such as these, the Shamans

were able to create a direct interface with the

‘Eternal Mind of the Plant World.’

This shorted the need for Scientific Inquiry.

They perfected the jungle Rx, and perceived; 

“We are all linked as one massive cell of life on this wonderful planet!”

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