The Blood and the Cup

“The Rose Line”
©2007 M. Krapek
24”X30” Prismacolor on Vellum Bristol #300
A Prime Meridian is any straight line parallel that runs from the North to South Pole that has held the designation of 0 degrees longitude.  For much of history, the Prime Meridian was at Giza in Egypt.  For a time it was reconnoitered thru Paris, France and today is measured from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England.  A Prime Meridian also runs thru both San Sulpice, France and Rosslyn, Scotland.  Other landmarks both natural and manufactured have held a prime designation as well. The science behind the Meridian phenomenon has to do with the rediscovery of Ley Lines, the Planetary Grid and the subtle energies associated with them.  When the connection is drawn between European South American and Mayan knowledge, a new understanding is made with the way of the Serpent, cosmic radiation and gamma radiation that are distributed on the earth as they gravitate toward vortex nodes, or temple mounts.  Dedicated to Mary Magdalene, the Temple of Rosslyn (Rose Line) near Edinburgh is a remarkable example of  Masonic Templar awareness of cosmic energies (tradition called it The Holy Spirit,) and their influences on consciousness.  Built before Columbus sailed to the New World, carved into its walls and crafted into its stained glass are wonders of Old and New World culture.  There is Mesoamerican tracery carved in its reliefs, agave, peyote  and corn, along with iconic glyphs from the Near and Far East.  
In the drawing, the architecture of Rosslyn is seen as a convolution of the Holy Grail: the cup holding the Rose symbol of the Magdala, with the Black Madonna seen in the shadows.  The Labyrinth, Stag and North Star are also symbols of the old Shamanic (Dyonisan)  line.  Temples, castles and pyramids have always been located at intersections of Ley lines and show the ancient link between cultures.  It seems they were more like nexus points for communicating with one another by adepts and their cohorts across the world grid.  Like cerebral phone booths, without upsetting
the natural balance of harmony.
The Grail is the Magdalene,
The Temple,
The Rose,
The womb:
The weblike Planetary Grid of Life energy that permeates this world!  

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