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Mayan Greetings: In Lac’hech

(I’m another you)

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I should have warned you, there is stuff here you will learn about yourself that you never thought you knew!

The task I have undertaken as a post modern mystic of sorts is rewarding in so many ways.  One thing that has always guided me is in being concerned and compassionate for the human condition and our constant struggle for a return to Source Knowledge;

to reconnect as one enormous life form on this wonderful planet!


I present to you the

The Nine Levels of the Mayan Awareness Pyramid

(The Transformation of Consciousness)

loosely based off what was

revealed to James Redfield in the

Celestine Prophecies as the Nine Insights:

1) We live in a Mystery World full of Synchronicity.

2) As more come in tune with synchronicity, humanity will create a new world vision based on vibrational energy.

3) Everything is made of this eternal energy; the universe is literally One Song!

4) The Separation Anxiety created in the last age beginning with the Fall of Babel (3113BC) will disappear on 12/21/2012.  The most powerful aspects of Separation Anxiety are the twin illusions of time and money.  These spells have made slaves of us all for thousands of years.  Forgiveness will result from the realization that all conflict arose from this anxiety, because people chose to steal energy by domination (control drama) instead of generating it from the source within themselves.  This has been the way of the world for so long, that when someone has come to expose it usually they have met untimely ends.  Scientific analysis of fossil soil indicate an elevated amount of the toxin vasopressin present in early ruins.  This poison fills the head with uncontrollable rage.  But then again, so does alcohol.


5) This is all about to change.  With the reality of fuel shortages, no one ever bothered to understand the human body generates enough energy to charge a 12 volt battery/ 10 amperes at rest.  The solution to our energy woes is to plug into the universal source with our spinal radar receptors.  This transformation will fill us with the energy of eternal love and light, extend the perception of beauty, and lift us to higher awareness.

6) Thus the Technosphere gives way to the Noosphere.  The release of authoritarian control thru its own obsolescence will result in a fountainhead of bio-cosmic energy surrounding the planet and lift humanity to a new reality, closer to the heart.  Government has always been a poor substitute for the Holy Spirit, (River in the Sky, Great White Buffalo or whatever you choose to call it.)  And religion has always been a poor substitute for God, Yahweh, Allah, Wakan T’onka or whatever your choice, meaning The Source.  The point is, the only tradition that will survive will be the Tradition of the Heart.

7) Intuition guides us to hold only positive interpretations of reality and opens doors for the new human mission to unfold.

8) From Bindu to Ojas.  When enough enter the flow of Eternal Current a new culture will emerge and the human genome will evolve to a higher frequency. 

(From Lower to Higher.)  The fact is, this is something for all people, and cannot be avoided, for it involves the Morphogenic Field of every living creature, and the Aurora of the Earth.  The coming Gamma Ray storm  on 12/21/2012 will ensure this transformation.

9) The reality of Heaven appears before us, right where it always was -HERE!

10) We don’t even need to try, we are One!  One World, One Soul.

Mayan farewell: A la Kin

(You’re another Me)

Expanded and Interpreted by M. Krapek 11/4/08

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