The Cosmic Ladder


By: Michael A. Krapek ©1/11/11.

Adapted from a miniature tablet called “The Hauburg Stela”

looted from an unknown Pre-classic Mayan site.

Spirit with Vision is a Dream with a Mission

In selecting this image for embellishment I was immediately struck by its similarities with the internet’s sociological phenomenon known as facebook.

The featured figure center stage is an unknown Mayan, but, judging from my personal interpretation of the scene through Active Dreaming, I have come to address him as “Jaguar Bone”.  This title association becomes fairly obvious with the bone tied around his head with jaguar skin.  These names were regarded as titles, or ranks of perception,

given elders who were adept SEERS.  Understand the Maya had no desire for power in the western sense, which they perceived as frivolous. 

Theirs was the world of the NAGUAL, Active Dreaming.  They developed and used their senses beyond the normal range of perception.  The Mission of the Maya on the earthly plain was Ascension.  They walked in the Dimension of the Blessed, just as the ancient Egyptians did, within the dream, the NAGUAL, yet fully awake.

Literally beyond the scope of any and all of the world’s practicing religions of the same time period, their world was enchanted by the famous use of medicinal hallucinogens like Sacred Peyote and Amanita Muscaria.  These weren’t mere party fools or drug takers.  It was the technology of their time, and the Curandero (Jaguar) culture cultivated the use of these botanicals over thousands of years to produce an advanced technology not merely rivaling ours, but surpassing it.  It freed them from the bonds of gravity, and the boxed in effects of the human condition, the “5 sense prison”.

The Main Monkey Business

The message of this particular tablet is clear when looking at it as if it were the daily news feed of the facebook home page.  The image of the Vision Serpent represents energy, in every single instance in Mayan cosmology, all types of energy, both subtle and gross.  The Vision Serpent in this tablet is seen ascending over Jaguar Bone giving host to several smaller characters climbing up the scaly ladder, looking at the subject.  Sticking out their tongues, some talking, others wearing Vision Serpent headdresses of their own, they are ascending toward the head and mouth of the dragon to be expelled into the opened maw image of Jaguar Bone’s own headdress. This feathered head display carries the “O” symbol for everything.  I wrapped the Serpent around our subject to add the curse of being tied to his muse.  Giving a fiery breath, the head of the figure in the jaws of the beast is “Speaking in Tongues” into the mind of Jaguar Bone, who is himself a receptacle for all of this gnowledge.  (Gnosis is inspired knowledge gained through the insight of wisdom, source knowledge.)

These images are representations of the thoughts of individuals sent to our hero via the natural internet connecting all living things, activated through the use of the botanicals.

Further Down the Spiral

The absorbed knowledge is then eliminated out the backside of the headdress, expressed as a cayman tail, flopping out used information, spent, upside down.  Conventional researchers had no clue as to the meaning of any of the Maya glyph language, until they immersed themselves into the Mayan world by taking the hallucinogens themselves.  Within this realm of higher perception, subjects become witness to all sorts of things that are real, but beyond normal sensibility.  After tuning ones awareness to take the effects of these substances as a matter of fact affair, the Curanderos learned how to transmit and receive messages, impress power into objects, travel the universe at the speed of thought, and completely map dreamtime, the 9 dimensions of consciousness, and attain eternal life within those realms.

Power impression is a work in the larger glyphs on the left side of the image, these are icons opening separate reality views, like file icons on a computer screen.  Just touch and it will open.  These icons further the story of the climbing figures.  Each icon is an embedded sentence, paragraph, or thought, sort of like a movie poster, and when touched, the film plays out in the mind of the observer who touched it.  The life and images of the featured figures download through the Sipapu, the Sky Window at the top of the skull, the Pineal Eye.  Science has no use for this gland, likewise this gland has no use of science.    This gland is the Crown Chakra, activated, it unifies the brain, and transmits and receives like a wireless USB connection. 

An Exercise in Consciousness Expansion Logic:

The Way Out is the Way In

I am going out on a limb here in an attempt to demonstrate an ability or power we all possess within our own individual minds called Active Dreaming.

Involved in this experiment are several volunteers who have submitted their desktop images to be displayed around the sides of the main scene to illustrate the icon use.

With this experiment in dreaming, I am asking the participants to voluntarily concentrate on their downloaded images and fall asleep listening to their favorite relaxation music.  Holding the print in the hands will do nicely, or reclining with the print on one’s chest, but so will sitting back in a desk chair, with headphones on, staring at the image on the screen.  The key to unlocking the Doors of Perception is simple:  You must first empty your cup.  This means, You must come to the place of no thought.

This is transcendental meditation, self maintained thought control.

There is nothing to fear in here, the way out is the way in.

I like Todd Rundgren’s Healing for this. Or Paul Horn’s Inside the Great Pyramid.

The point is, you are learning to go home, inside.

Imagine yourself within the most comfortable wilderness scene,

or imagine yourself right where you are.

While in there, you can pick up subtile frequencies from beyond ordinary perception. These may or may not be connected to the ones I have hopefully supplied to you for this exercise.  Upon completion, if you carry a dream or vision, it is important to keep a notebook handy for remembering. This is the hardest part for everybody.  My work is my record, and every time I peer at my work, I remember. We all dream, every night, but we were never taught anything significant about it, or to bother with it, or record it.  We are taught to ignore it or fear it, and instead to watch TV, the artificially programmed dream. 

You now know where to find the source,

The Path Beyond Technology



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