1. “Snowblind”

  2. 11”X14”

  3. Colored pencil

  4. Strathmore paper

  5. © 2006 M. Krapek

  6. Kachina Peaks, Arizona.

  7. The San Francisco Peaks are

  8. located above Flagstaff, hailed as the

  9. home of the Kachina Guides of the Hopi.

  10. The Sun Shalako is seen peering thru the

  11. frozen mist overlooking a crystalline cascade

  12. of snowflakes tumbling from the picture.  The

  13. snowflakes are characterizations of Mandalas,

  14. hundreds of them, each a dream on its own.

  15. Here is an image which presents a solution for

  16. us all. Zero point energy is the principle of

  17. energy transfer which exists in nature.  Also

  18. called cold fusion, the key to life is the

  19. conversion of water energy by the biofuel cell,

  20. D. N. A.  Zero waste, zero pollution, even trade.

  21. H2O is the fuel of the universe.  The Sun runs

  22. on it.  We run on it.  Shalako knows our

  23. hearts will eventually open so we

  24. can share in the bounty that has

  25. always been here!

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