The Skeleton Key


By Michael Krapek

©May 13, 2010

The Barrow mound ruins of Newgrange

at Brugh-na-Boyne, Ireland.

“A Dream of Angus Oge”*

By: George Russell, 1897.

‘As he spoke, he paused before a great mound grown over with trees,

and round it silver clear in the moonlight were immense stones piled,

the remains of an original circle,

and there was a dark narrow entrance leading within -

He took Con by the hand and in an instant they were standing

in a lofty, cross shaped cave, built roughly of huge stones.

“This was my palace.  In days past many a one plucked here

the purple flower of magic and the fruit of the Tree of Life...”

And even as he spoke, a light began to glow and to pervade the cave,

and to obliterate the stone walls and the antique hieroglyphics engraved thereon,

and to melt the earthen floor into itself like a fiery sun suddenly uprisen within the world,

and there was everywhere a wandering ecstasy of sound;

light and sound were one; light had a voice...

“I am Aengus, men call me Young.

I am the sunlight in the heart, moonlight in the mind;

I am the light at the end of every dream...

I will make you immortal;

for my palace opens into the

Gardens of the Sun”.’

The Technology of their Time

My intent with this work is in understanding that with the botanical interface,

the doors of perception were thrown open wide in ancient times...

not only by the Maya, but the world over. 

At virtually every megalithic site, practices of the immortals were carried out up until modern times by secret societies. Their goal was to convey the threads of the ancient links of awareness into the future,

into a date and time when humanity would lift the veil of shadow and awaken to their true identity.

These rituals were REAL, not empty meaningless vessels of distant memory as are utilized by shadow organizations today.  The difference of course, is the use of psychotropic plants like the liberty cap mushroom, The Skeleton Key,

(Psilocybe semilanceata; the purple flower of magic)

to break the bounds of the boxed in mind,

caught isolated within the five sense prison.

These natural substances were given to mankind by the

Force of Life just for that reason,

and were husbanded for centuries and used in combination with massive earthworks

grown out of the landscape by just that implementation of supercharged awareness.

Sites like Newgrange were passive machines that acted as amplifiers for the energy of the Great Serpent Mother, whose Ley Lines circle the globe distributing Cosmic Energy, and the diverse flower life into the landscape.

“The King and the Land Are One.”**

The Trance Migration of Consciousness

With the combined use of two technologies,

botanical awareness and acoustic resonance,

early Homo Sapiens honed an open and active sky window.

With this vehicle, processes such as telepathy, astral projection,

psychic healing, and even the prospect of immortality were perfected.

The chamber and stone ring at Newgrange is a cosmic phone booth,

an eternity generator, a hard drive memory bank.  Known as Uriel’s Machine,

it serves as a cap or “crown of stones” for a balanced grid node on the planetary soccer ball.

Its piezoelectric quartz granite matrix works on principles of resonant transduction,

a Tesla Coil ringing with the seismic energies of the earth.

For the purpose of Immortality Regeneration,

a unique approach emerges:

Practiced psychoactive magicians of old,

who were adept at the arts of teleportation and telepathy,

could actually transfer their personal consciousness,

complete with knowledge, memories and family ties...

into that of a willingly groomed newborn:

The Trance Migration of Consciousness.

This exclusive practice, borne of love and necessity, insured survival of the tribe, after the flood,

by the unbroken continuation of the accumulated skills of the Initiate Shaman class,

the ones who were plugged in to the cosmos.

The transfer ritual and other practices using Newgrange were activated by

the Mass fuming censor intake of spirit plants and a spiral tribal harmonic

outside to energize the stone surround. 

The old father would be placed at the west mercy seat,

with the infant charged in the east cross arm cradle.

Oscillations of

Infrared to ultraviolet...

The Trance Migration would occur,

traced by the carvings on the walls,

pierced by the sun’s radiant


reflected by the headstone,

at sunrise on the first day of winter,

Winter Solstice.

Marking the

“Sun’s Return.”

Evidence of this are in the piezoelectric memory stones at Newgrange.

All we have to do to decipher them is pluck

the purple flower of magic.


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