Sacred Bundle


©2013 M. Krapek

Lintel 1 at Yaxchilan,

Bird Jaguar’s accession rites,

May 3, 752.

Here is Bird-Jaguar  and his consort Lady Great Skull.  He is putting aside his mannequin (an image of his body) in order to take on the persona of the “greater mind” in a Sacred Peyote Vision Serpent journey.  She is holding a Sacred Bundle, the Crystal Skull wrapped in order to keep random static information out of it’s silicon memory until it is needed for input or download during the ceremony.  This procedure was done in order to store the vast amounts of knowledge gathered during the DMT download of the psychedelic journey.  The Mayans used the crystal skulls like we use computers today, the only difference being they could freely access the Universe through the Vision Serpent Ceremony, and we can only access what has been programmed into the system interface.


“A Forest of Kings.”  by Linda Schele and David Freidel, pg.289.