Room with a View


“Room With A View.”

©1975 M. Krapek

24”X30” Eagle Prismacolor and graphite Pencil,

on Rives Watercolor Paper

Gates Pass overlook, Tucson Mountain Park, Arizona.

“The Weight”

A visit to this spot hit like a lightning bolt.

The Saguaro Cactus as seen from the inside of

cactus boot or nest looking out.  This scene is absolutely inspired. 

A Peripheral Vision, the construct utilizes a peculiar skill I have to convolute any space that accommodates it into a compressed peripheral fisheye view.  A full 180 degree hemisphere, look up, look down, and side to side.  Pregnant with meaning, it is also a mandala, and upon completion, the realization struck that it is of the

“Three Crosses.”

Only the viewer is on the center one. 

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