Roll The Bones


By Michael A, Krapek ©August 3, 2011

Rubicon Peak, and the Eagle River canyon, Crystal Mountains of the

Pacific Crest, Lake Tahoe region, California.  This shot is opposite “The IKON” in my image collection.

The Rubicon Peak and Desolation Wilderness were so named by Wagon Trains headed west during the great expansion to the California coast, because they represented the harsh “No way back” attitude of the drivers in their relentless push westward.

“Alea iacta est!” *

The Rubicon is a river in Italy that ancient Rome used as a point of no return for imperial generals and their private armies.  No Roman general was allowed return leading his legions, for fear of overthrow, and the Rubicon River was the northeastern wilderness boundary.  After returning victorious from the Gallic wars, Julius Caesar was barred from any return.  With Vercingetorix in captive confidence, having cast away any fears for his own arrest, and compelled by the desire to ensure a coveted consul seat and erase his own heavy gambling debts, Caesar weighed the odds and addressed his legions as they approached the crossing: **

“Alea iacta est...”

“The die is cast! 

Will you fly in the face of fate,

and dare to ride across the Rubicon? 

I promise, when you conquer fear you conquer death. 

Rome will awaken to a new rising Sun. 

There is no way back!” ***

He then led them across the Rubicon, thus sealing his fate as either a potential conqueror of his own country, or as a traitor, depending on how the dice fell, how fate turned.  With the ensuing return of troops, the cowardly Roman Court fled. Former Triumvirate General Pompey ran for his life, retreating to the south.  Caesar became dictator perpetua, but his truest desire was to return Rome to a democracy.  Through resistance to this inspired vision, even from within his own carnality, Caesar’s reign was ended years later with his assassination on the Ides of March, 44 BC,

by his own Republican rebels. **

“God does not throw dice...” ****

Upon the reading of the TEA leaves of fate being manipulated within the frame of our democracy 8/2/11, I have made it necessary to form this appeal.  This dangerous gambit is being played out by a number of Congressional representatives who only have an interest in outright failure.  They are neck deep in hedge fund money, or were selected by hedge fund managers.  What these funds do is insure any prospects in the stock market as to their future.  Large brokerage firms insure these accounts to hedge their own bets, and with deregulation, it has become very profitable to lose.  Predators are these.

The GNOSIS is there, in the tea leaves, to understand the mechanism for the perceived fall of Western Capitalism by its own hand.  The die is cast, we shall SEE how the dice land, as history unravels before our eyes...

as “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” drops for those who bear the burden of responsibility.

Government of any kind is a poor substitute for the Holy Spirit, the Quetzal insight.

Hints and inspiration:

* The Battle for Gaul by Julius Caesar.

** Caesar Against the Celts by Ramon L. Jiminez.

The Biggest Lie,Tales from the Time Loop, and Children of the Matrix, by David Icke.

“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” by the Beatles when referring

to the Mayan Paradigm consciousness shift of 12/21/12. 

Google: Dr. Stuart Maxwell, the synthesis of Mescaline.

“Roll the Bones,” by RUSH, ‘Roll the Bones’ CD. 

Before dice were invented, human knuckle bones and animal vertebrae were used to cast lots.

*** “The Die is Cast” and “Rubicon”, by Wetton /Downes, (Asia) ‘ICON 2’ CD.

Refer to my own interpretations:

The TELEKTONON of Pacal Votan (AWAKE)

The “9 insights of James Redfield” (The Mind Behind The Eye)

and “House of Cards.”

These will allow one to understand personal ascension from the ‘illusion of man’ to interface with the Universal Bit Stream. 

This has been the price of living with 5,000+ years

of adversarial authority.

Since government is a poor substitute for the Holy Spirit, gambling was an invention of the “5 sense prison.”

Bones were also cast to determine the fate of the Jews by Nebuchadnezzar,

and that of Jesus Christ.   This blind eye to the future is a very old game.

But the Maya used the crystal bones in a very different SEE,

using the Vision Serpent interface...


Now for us the bell tolls:

Lucky 7 rolls up, with snake eyes behind...

**** “I for one, am convinced He does not throw dice...”-attributed to Albert Einstein.

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