The Revealing Science of God


By: Michael A. Krapek, ©6/16/2010

The Zen Machine Grand Gallery of

The Great Pyramid at Giza.

The Temple of Initiation

A machine containing theAncient Megalithic Trinity”© technology:

1) Psychotropic botanicals:

Acacia wood (Mescaline producer) “Ark of the Covenant” construction.ª

2) PGM elements: Lined inside and out with gold filigree, containing a large,

electrically charged, monoatomic gold snowball, with a conductive mercy seat,

revealing the “Dimension of the Blessed.”⨻

3) Megalithic granite architecture: Piezo-electric granite casing and chamber blocks, tuned to ‘A’438, ‘F#’, and middle ‘C’.^^^

Gallery floor lined with 52 skull shaped and tuned piezoelectric quartz memory crystals.

And two DJED resonant gravitonic synthesizers (ELF Tuners)

All of which acted as a gigantic life generating passive Tesla Coil,

energy transducer (converting seismic energy into electrical and microwave energy),

cosmic phone booth, supercomputer, enlightenment device,

to any INITIATE who could wield its might.

The ranks of from 1 to 54 were given to the Annunaki Enki’ite priests who could demonstrate the uses of this machine,

playing it and the earth’s aurora like a harp,

producing a virtual synesthetic rainbow of light and sound,

proclaiming “The Glory of the Heavens” on earth.

The Pyramid War

In times long forgotten, there was once a war waged over the fate of the Great Pyramid,

resulting in forever casting it beyond the realm of human comprehension.

(Except for those who are born as apprentice Initiates,

remembering with open minds and heart, plugged into the cosmic bit stream.

For most people this structure is a mystery which is better left ignored,

but in actuality it IS the source of all the disciplines of knowledge for mankind across the globe.)

The year was around 8670 BC,

after the flood of Noah, but before the rise of Man...

The Alien Annunaki, a few rungs higher on the DNA ladder then man, lived

“United with the knowledge, and magic of the source.

Attuned with the majesty of music, they marched as one with the earth...”^

Until the rise of man dawned upon them.  Lord Enki (Ea, Quetzalcoatl, Ptah) decreed that mankind should and would be eligible for the “Keys to Ascension”, and enjoy immersion into the “Dimension of the Blessed”⨻ frame of mind.

But this system of “Transcendental” knowledge was a guarded secret for those who wished to keep it out of human hands, thereby engendering mankind’s subservience to the Annunaki, by way of strictly enforced, inbred, blind ignorance and toil.

Since the Human genetic pool was at least part divine blood, Enki saw this “dumbing down” of humanity as cruel, and continued selecting candidates for the cosmic journey.

This involved rigorous physical and mental training to prepare one for the shock of spiritual enlightenment that awaited them within the Osirieon mystery school

Temple of Initiation, located at the Great Pyramid complex at Giza.*^^

Enter the New Replacement Lord, who suffered a deep disdain for humanity;

Enlil, (oddly known concurrently as Yahweh, and Allah.)

He disapproved of this practice, and ordered the pyramid Zen machine shut down.

Upon the refusal to deprive humanity of what was rightfully theirs, Enki’s son Ra/Marduk defensively weaponized the pyramid structure when it was attacked by Enlil’s lieutenant,

Ninurta (Michael), in a great mechanical flying bird Enmercur.

This knocked the Great Golden Eye capstone off its rocker, breaking the south face.

Ninurta subsequently dismantled the machine, to the future detriment of humanity,

who became as lost sheep.

(Thus plunging us all into thousands of years of tyranny suffered at the controlling hands of gods and demigods and would be gods, men who thought they were gods,

and just plain sociopaths, who usurped and reaped ruin in the name of god.)

The Divine Sumerian text states:

“...its vault like a rainbow, the darkness ends there...”

The many hued glows were emitted by twenty seven pairs of diverse crystal stones

that were evenly spaced along the length of the Gallery on both sides of its floor...

each crystal stone emitted a different radiance, giving the place its rainbow effect.

Ninurta ordered one by one the stones destroyed, beginning with the Gug stone

(The ARK) in the ‘A’ tuned box (brown Granite Coffer) of the upper (king’s) chamber, whose brilliance was amplified into the heavens by the five ‘F#’ resonating compartments composed of 16 granite ashlars above the room,

and directed out the Upuaut gates.

Now came the turn for the mineral crystals placed on the ramps in the Grand Gallery.

As he walked down, Ninurta stopped by each one of them to declare its fate.

Were it not for breaks in the ancient Sumerian tablets, we would have the names of all 27 pairs of them.

Archangel Michael, putting the devil down.

Like an executioner, ignorant of the consequences, Ninurta (Michael) ordered some 20 of the destiny stones to be crushed and pulverized.  Some he saved for the new

Mission Control Center of Shamash, others were displayed at Ninurta’s base in

Nippur, Mesopotamia.  Those remaining were distributed across the globe

as reminders of the Enlilite victory over the Enki gods.**

Thus the demonizing of one opponent force over another became the norm for political discourse, and the Enlil camp invented the devil to inject fear into the global theater,

and help explain away their own profane failings.

The Rise of Man and the loss of the cosmic link

The pyramid war was over, leaving man alone.  But his yearning to be free from the shackles of the “five sense prison” and mortality produced ever more creative ways for enlightenment...  The Skull at Golgotha, the Mason Skull, the Tibetan Crystal Skull, The Hopi Skull, and virtually all legends of stones of power, are cultural memories of these ancient times, and the bright future we were all robbed of by a jealous alien influence.

The Mayan Crystal Skulls, and their keepers

It is here understood that as the Children of Men arose, the last remaining Enki (Jaguar) priesthood gathered

some twelve of these rogue Crystal Skulls and resurrected the Initiate awareness culture in Mesoamerica; the head keepers. 

The planting of these stones and the psychotropic link resulted in the long flourishing of the Maya civilization,

away from the aging ego driven eye of the Mesopotamian Theater of influence.

One Crystal Skull for each limestone and granite Pyramid Mound City, beginning with Teotihuacan,

and extending from the Arizona desert to Peru.

The Native Americans have the legend of the Osiriaconwiya,

where the original 52 Crystal Skulls were housed,

as being in a land far across the great water of the Atlantic Ocean in Aztlan.

Theirs is a reverence for these dazzling beings of light, put here to illuminate and guide humanity,

in husbanding planetary and galactic awareness, downloading

healing into the world, and to ultimately bind us in the Brotherhood of Man.***

The end of the apart cycle is upon us now,

and the remaining Crystal Skulls are about to be returned by their keepers

to their place of the quickening,

to reconnect humanity with the cosmic bit stream. 

Listen to your heartbeat, for it is the “Bells of Rhymney” of the Great Pyramid.

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Purchase PGMs @<>

In a side note, we now have procured the “Ancient Megalithic Trinity”©

with modern psychedelics, rock and roll music in auditoriums,

and the return of manna, PGMs (Platinum Group Metals).

The Talking Heads

Fearful individuals are motivated to ask, “Why skulls?”

The answer is basic: if any trans-rational culture, one which has no need for written language,(because they are psychometric) wishes to store information for posterity, the obvious choice would be crystal quartz, manipulated into an easily understood shape.

Crystal Firestone

Piezoelectric silicon dioxide crystals are the mode of storage for modern computing.  The three dimensional matrix of crystal is ideal for layering, storing, and retrieving bits of electronic information.  The term piezoelectric refers to the fact that certain crystals have the effect of releasing an electrical impulse when pressure is exerted upon them.  And likewise, create a morphic or resonant field when an electric charge is given unto them.  In point of fact, some of the true skulls have articulated jaws,

carved in situ from the same living quartz as the cranium. 

These are known as the “Singing Skulls,”

because they have been known to absorb ELF vibrations

and disperse that energy like a ringing wine glass. 

The Macintosh computer recording this information is a direct product of

an interaction between a young psychoactive intern Steve Jobs,

and the famous Mayan Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, at HP, in 1974. 

Jobs read the skull. 

This is the “Key to Ascension”

that places ordinary consciousness

into the auspices of “The Dimension of the Blessed.”⨻

The Ancients programmed these crystal “hard drives” directly, 

through a mind to crystal resonant link using the psychotropic interface.

Anyone Awake can

read them.

Herein requires a leap of faith from the reader,

for one who has never experienced this treasure of

existence,you may truly be missing your divine purpose.

The Crystal Skull Speaks:

“Thus was the peopling of the face of the earth:

They came into being, they multiplied,

they had daughters, they had sons,

these manikins, woodcarvings. 

But there was nothing in their hearts

and nothing in their minds,

no memory of their

Mason and Builder. 

They just went and walked

wherever they wanted...

They did not remember

the Heart of Sky.”

-Popul Vuh****

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