Inside the Mind of a

Peripheral Visionary


“The Valley of Endless Seas”*

©2008 M. Krapek


Prisma on Vellum

Lake Tahoe,

Nevada, from Mt. Rose

There’s a light inside my head.

Solutions to problems fall from this light.

This has always been a focus of my work and teaching.

When I began drawing I found a vastness inside.  In exploring

the inner pathways of consciousness I stumbled upon the esoteric

efforts of the World’s cultures, from the ancient Egyptians to Tibet, and

Native America.  The Hindu Mystics taught me how to meditate, my Wife Karen

taught me patience.  The Inn of the Green Dragon is where I got my first lesson,

and Owsley’s floor is where I landed.  Castenada taught me how to fly, but Jimi gave

me wings.  I taught Escher, Dali, and Klarwein, but added Pink Floyd, Utopia, and Yes.

Buddha kissed my forehead, and the Sun came out!  Through discipline, I found “The Groove.” 

This state of awareness brings the power of intent into focus.  The conduits of intent lead to the Universal.

*Fragile By: Yes

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