Octopus’s Garden*


“Dancing in the Light of the Neon Fire”**

©5/2009 Michael A. Krapek

Adapted from a rendering of the ruins at Quirigua, Monument 23, known as the “Serpent Dancer,” inscribed on an altar at the Ballcourt Plaza, reign of Jade Sky,

dated:  One of 3 enormous altars, showing the accomplishments of the Ancestral Line.***

The scene is one of a scuba diver caught with an octopus.  The curious fact is this is from a thousand plus year old relief carving circuiting an gigantic altar or dedication stele, loaded with the accomplishments of the character Jade Sky written in the glyphs.  The presence of these carvings belies the fact the the stone is also psychometrically charged with the life impression of the main character.  The life reading could be deducted through psychotropic intoxication, and downloaded by simply touching the stone.


I realized the octopod serpent when the transcription began, and it was made obvious with the carrying of a breathing bladder apparatus by the Swimmer.  The water habitat is made more curious when I found the swimmer wearing a jaguar helmet to assist in breath and sight.  He has serpent hand grabs for the catching of dangerous prey. 

The inland cities of the Maya were fed thru underground rivers, often called Xibalba, The Heavenly Road, and reached by the people through large cisterns or wells called Cenotes.  These Cenotes, (literally crack between the worlds,) symbolized the entrance to the underworld, and all the wonders that lay beyond the senses.  Candidates were cast into the Cenotes, like stargate travelers, and expected to emerge on the coastal delta, complete with the untold treasures of their adventure.


The Blue Ring Octopus enters the scene here to illustrate the psychotropic nature of its toxin, and the pre-Columbian use of its ink to dye fabric purple.  This fact was also known to the Phoenicians, (literally, purple dye people,)  and indicates a potential link with both the cyclopian ruins of Tyre/ Sidon, modern Lebanon, and those of Lubaantun, Belize.****

The study of the tiny Blue Ring Octopus reveals the stealth nature of these creatures, in their ability to camouflage their skin to match any surface instantaneously, and to oscillate a rainbow of hues like neon lights in dynamic fashion to provoke caution toward any curious or predatory rivals.  The psychotoxin is fatal to humans, but is primarily used to numb shelled mollusks for consumption. This would have been a powerful addition to the Shaman’s Medicine pouch!


* Title Inspiration: The Beatles

**Title inspiration:  “Initiation” lyrics by: Todd Rundgren

***The Ancient Maya by: Robert J. Sharer, p. 325.

****The Crystal Skulls, by: David Hatcher Childress and Stephen S. Mehler

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