Many Mansions


The home of the Sleeping Prophet,

Edgar Cayce. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

By Michael A.Krapek, ©8/13/2012

The Sleeping Prophet

This is the first Virginia residence of The Sleeping Prophet upon his moving from Kentucky to catch glimpses of the epoch of the anti-diluvian world.  Edgar Cayce spent his adult life as a photographer in this wonderful beach community, conducting personal and remote trance readings for clients both near and far.  He never charged any price for dispensation of his remarkable healing ability, for he knew it a gift from the Source.  Clients however blessed him with wealth, which he shared freely.  He lived here for some years until he founded the Association for Research into Enlightenment, (the A.R.E. an interdenominational scientific institute) and moved to a large house in the dunes to conduct his work.  Cayce was made famous when he consulted President Woodrow Wilson around the time of WW1. Cayce gave him many readings, in so doing, convincing Wilson to establish a League of Nations.  Initially, this effort failed, with the U.S. Congress the sole vote against the measure.  Wilson never realized this grand vision, he died as Cayce predicted.  The United Nations was not granted charter until after WW2, after Cayce’s own passing on

January 3,1945. 

The force behind the Sleeping Prophet was not Edgar’s own, as he freely admitted.  It first came as a trance vision in early adulthood, when he caught a severe case of laryngitis, and the healing treatment came in a hypnotic dream from Above.  Then visions started pouring through him when caught in a meditative slumber, claiming access to a higher source of knowing, what he called the AKASHIC RECORDS.  Through his connection with this etheric force, Edgar was enabled to peer across time and space, into every mind-scape, both living, and long deceased, even into the as yet unborn.  His trance state over-arching AWARENESS claimed immortality, (addressing itself as “We”) for each and every one of us, through a PSI-Bank that enables souls to recycle themselves hundreds of times through the earthly plane to gather wisdom and later depart onto the galactic plane.  This etheric belt of eternal consciousness he said circles the Earth, as the Akashic Library.  Cayce gave thousands of readings over the years that followed his INITIATION into this secret awareness.  He claimed the United States was the reincarnation of ATLANTIS, or Poseid, the “Queen of the Seas.”  This claim resurrected Hindu notions of KARMA, and he even pinpointed the downfall of the anti-diluvian Empire as a betrayal from within by the “Sons of Belial.”  In other times his life incarnated as RA, who along with his father Ptah, were the pre-Egyptian builders of the Pyramid at Giza, some 8,000 years ago.  Edgar Cayce’s trance awareness inhabited many lives, remembering each as distinct chapters in the journey of the soul.  This description he gave as being the inhabiter of Many Mansions.

There has to be an invisible Sun*

Conventional Egyptology describes the Cosmology of the Egyptian pantheon to be centered on worship of the Sun.  This has been gravely miscast, because for reasons that will soon become apparent to individuals so bent in this direction, through ignorance, superstition, or outright misdirection, the secret of RA has remained hidden to the profane for thousands of years.  Because the majority of mankind is lost within the stupor of the “5 Sense Prison,” people just cannot imagine an inner world existing, let alone rivaling the outer world in infinite splendor.  The Ancient Egyptians knew of this place,  calling it Mfkzzt awareness of the DUUAT, or the “Plane of Shar-on.”  Most just called it’s brilliance RA. INITIATES compared it to the outer Sun, but emanating from within the Inner Temple, the Third Eye.  The EYE of RA.  This is the meaning of the drawing, you are witness to the inner sun RA, rising over the waters of imperfect thought, connecting to the cosmos in the

“Dimension of the Blessed.”

Trance Sofa

Upon visiting the A.R.E. (Association for Research into Enlightenment) Foundation, we toured the garden and labyrinth, the meditation room, the library and gift store. I introduced myself to one of the curators, handing him my card, establishing my humble credentials as a man attempting to walk in E.C.s shoes.  The greeter, named Bob, next approached me with a remarkable offer.  He asked me to follow him upstairs to a meeting room where he had a surprise for me.  There, in the corner of the room, behind velvet ropes, was Edgar’s trance sofa.  Bob, bid me lay down upon it, to rest my head upon the pillow that held so many years of visions and dreams cast into this world by such an extraordinary man. 

Awe struck, I exclaimed, “I can’t!”  not feeling worthy of this precious gift.

He told me: “Its alright, we do this for people we think might be able to ‘feel’ something.”

So, I sat on the sofa, Bob said it had since been re-upholstered with green velvet.  I took my shoes off, reclining, and rested my head on the pillow.  I closed my eyes, relaxed my thoughts the way I do when meditating, felt the building around me. the other people at the far side of the room interpreting a book...then I stilled my thoughts,  AOOOOMMMM...Quickly I SAW the inner light pour in from above.  I felt the eternal presence, I felt Edgar’s weight on the pillow, his body on the sofa. 

I SAW the world through his eyes, saw all the lonely people, all the souls in peril. 

I SAW how Edgar spent himself giving the Light away...

and I began to cry.

The Labyrinth

I didn’t stop crying until I pried myself from the pillow’s magnetic charge, reeling from the sheer weight of the responsibility Cayce felt for humanity.  You see, he knew what the world is missing.  He was after all, once a Magi named RA at some incarnation in the remote past.  He knew how to fix the world.  (My web image: “The Revealing Science of God.”)  Edgar Cayce gave his life for a higher cause, giving up his spirit during trance, burning himself out trying to heal the world from the self created FALL of MAN.  He said life’s journey was like the labyrinth, forever circling the source, falling short until the EGO dies giving the soul’s return to the Center of the Universe, the Heart of Heaven...He saw how things might be, if only we would wake up to the greater potential of our humanity, our gift of life to this world, our connectedness,

our inner Brilliance, RA.

Credits and Inspiration:

The A.R.E. Foundation, Virginia Beach,Virginia.

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Including Many Mansions.

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including Earth Changes.

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Left is the Edgar Cayce House featured in the drawing, photograph circa 1930s.

The photo on the right is the Labyrinth in front of the Cayce Foundation Healing Center.  Wife Karen and son Chris are contemplating the journey...The building behind is the A.R.E. Foundation Headquarters, Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The horizon presents the Atlantic Ocean...

Above:  Edgar Cayce’s trance sofa.