Keys to Ascension


“Sign Language.”

©6/2007 M. Krapek

24”X30” Prismacolor on Vellum Bristol

Original image and text interpretation of the Petroglyphs at Donner Summit,

on the Pacific Crest of the Sierra Nevada Range, California.

Shaman led tribes used Petroglyphs along migration routes to determine range and abundance in hunting, along with a host of other things.  The process of Psychometry was employed through a very simple technique.  The Medicine Shaman would readily touch the surface of the granite crystal etching and become imprinted with the information programmed into its matrix by the individual who carved the glyph.  This was done by stopping one’s mind, entering the center, and letting the information stream in.  The Brujo used power plants as amplifiers if they desired details contained within the  glyph such as overland routes, water holes, the types of fish stocked in the lake, or the artisan’s thoughts.  Even today, petroglyphs are living images for anyone who can SEE!   

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