“Jai Guru Deva Om!”


“Jai Guru Deva Om!”*

©2006 M. Krapek

24”X30” Prismacolor on vellum board.

The Dakota Building,  Central Park West, New York, N.Y.

Like popping from a rabbit hole, I emerged from the subway

tunnel at Central Park West to view a scene I’d wished to Honor

for 25 years.   There it was, The Dakota, site of the events of 12/8/80,

where the life of one of the great mystic poets of human history,

John Lennon, was ended tragically.  Yoko Ono’s Imagine Memorial Mandala

is located across the street in the Strawberry fields section of Central Park,

but it really rests in front of the Dakota.  Within the smiling Icon of the drawing,

as mute witness, the figureheads look down on the convoluted cityscape,

to see the outline of a Beatle in the street, compound eyes up in the trees.

We know                                  the truth,

We Gnow               the truth!

Ferreted out by the all seeing

Mandala of mind

and the benign


of nature:

The world takes those

who are most              trying to help!

         Alas, my Teacher said it best,                          “Nothing's gonna change my world!”*

Across the Universe -John Lennon

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