Jacob’s Ladder


By: Michael A.Krapek, ©2011.

Prismacolor on Bristol Vellum, 16”X22”.

Based on the sculpture:  Snake Dancer, by the artist,

and a high desert Mesa split by I-17, on the road to Flagstaff...

Where the Snake dancers once played their music to beckon the summer rain.

The Universal Time Wave

“Jacob looked up in the sky, and saw there a ladder of rope, descended from the heavens...”-Genesis.

“Jacob’s Ladder”*

The Clouds appear for battle

In the dark and brooding Silence

Bruised and sullen storm clouds

have the light of day obscured

Looming low and ominous

In twilight premature

Thunder heads are rumbling

In a distant overture.

All at once, the clouds are parted,

light streams down in bright unbroken beams...

Follow men’s eyes as they look to the skies,

the shifting shafts of shining weave the fabric of their dreams. -by Rush

The Colossus

The original idea for the sculpture came out of the vision of the rock album by Uriah Heep, “Demons and Wizards.”  In 1975, I executed a quarter scale version of the cover art in earthenware.  In 1990, I dreamed up and completed mastery of an original life sized sculpture in stoneware based on the iconic image of the Sioux Buffalo Medicine Man, wielding a rattlesnake.  I have since built and sold several iterations of this Colossus, weighing 300 pounds finished, some with a drum, some with the Deerman head of a Yaqui Shaman.  I have also made a dozen busts and one bronze, titled “Medicine Stone.”  Then the image of the Colossus looming large over the desert came one trip to Sedona on a Gallery run while passing by an enigmatic mesa, cut by the freeway, which just seemed to need the sculpture to complete itself.  Inspired by the Granite Earthworks of Judson Borglum at Mt. Rushmore, Stone Mountain, and Crazy Horse, I cut and pasted the two together.  Having had the original spark of a vision, I pressed the idea of the view from the top for an eventual drawing.  For years I played with this idea in my head.

Carving the Desert Landscape and Flora

The surreal allure of the desert landscape is compressed in this portrait of nature to demonstrate the vast differences in topography and flora that share this rugged fisheye view.  The uplands are first characterized on the Mogollon Rim with grasslands and arid trees like pinion and juniper, both regarded as the “Tree of Life” in Indian lore.  Canyons are filled with cottonwoods and sycamore.  The mountaintops and north slopes have ponderosa pine with maple canyons.  The central peak in the scene, faded behind the labyrinth ellipse are the San Francisco Peaks of Flagstaff, known as the Kachina Peaks, where the Hopi Angels reside.   The dramatic drop off at the rim erupts with scarred and eroded desert mesas, carved by steep canyon walls at the serpentine windings of the Black Canyon River. The flora include saguaro, creosote, and mesquite.  Summer monsoons come in July with violent outbursts as they run north from Sonora up the backbone of the continent.  They deluge the mountainous sky islands, flooding canyon creeks, carving deep pockets into the granite, creating massive erosion in the barren soil of the normally dry desert washes, and boiling in walls of debris toward the Sea of Cortez.   In all there are 5 transitional life zones in Arizona, from Mexican tropical to Canadian Tundra.  Each has its own climate and characteristic life forms, owing credit to the tenacity, adaptability  and abundance of life in all its variations.  The overall motion of the drawing, when viewed as an abstract of the interplay of light and shadow, going from lower left to top right, suggests the sweeping action of a single cell during mitosis. From micro to macro, everything in nature repeats itself in a cascading Mandelbrot Set of endless patterns, stemming from a single anomaly.  The crown of creation, DNA, and the self awareness it brings to the universal mind.

Snakes and Arrows:  The Symbolism

The Serpent in Mayan iconic symbolism represents energy.  In Western lore the serpent appears as forbidden knowledge.  In Hermetic logic, the twin intertwined snakes on the staff of Moses is the Tree of Life, called the Caduceus.    The serpent pointing down from the sky was the giving of divine knowledge, pointing upward as in an arrow meant the holder was a keeper of wisdom.  The First Nation peoples had their various medicine chants divining serpent knowledge, of interest here is the “Snake trance dance,” or rain dance.  This was a symbol of power, any one who would risk this task holding a rattlesnake was a master of the Nagual, and the Tonal...or sleeping and waking awareness.  The Master, through music and dance, fused the waking and dreaming together, as doubles or twins, forming the ladder through to the next world...through the Sipapu sky window.  Any clan who loses this dream loses their “Keys to Ascension,” a fact of prophesy that has remained from the early times when first Hopi emerged up through the sky of their last world into the floor of this world, The Kiva. Like floors on a skyscraper.  The snake has an egg in its mouth, being the universal symbol of creation.  Inferred, the twin snakes have transformed their meaning into the structure of life, DNA and the egg is the tip of the DNA molecular weave.  These are called Telomeres, and are made of ORME gold, monoatomic gold, the ideal superconductor of nature and technology.  The Egyptians called gold, spun into Manna, the “Field of Mfkzzt”... the bridge between worlds.

The Top of the Stairs...

The Labyrinth of Chartres and the Orbit of Light.^

The Nebulous Labyrinth atop the Cosmic Egg is also known as the Orbit of Light.  If the electrons of the ORME gold atom had mass, they would travel the track of the labyrinth. In essence then, they are known to vibrate at this frequency.  (For an inspired reason, the Templar Masons knew this, and pressed their knowledge of the Labyrinth into the floor of Chartres Cathedral, where the ARK of the Covenant was once placed.)  Being on the tip of the Cosmic egg, which represents the Telomere tip of DNA, the cap of the molecule of life, this orbital labyrinth actually acts as a radar dish that picks up Cosmic Energy, and stores this energy in its field, encoded for download into the hardware that is the four GATC protein base pairs of the DNA spiral structure.   In essence, DNA is a biological transistor, with the ORME gold telomeres acting as electrodes, and the receptors of vibrational energy.  Thus we have a DNA bio-transducer, converting one form of energy into another.  This stored energy, through a process of morphogenic holographic resonance with the harmonics of the universe, actually manipulate DNA by driving energetic impulses through the molecular chain during cell division.  These impulses drive mutations that always occur randomly with regularity. During certain periods of galactic modulation this is stepped up, to suit the terminal aspects of the “Universal Time Wave” pulsation of the greater galactic organism.  These time waves are a part of the fabric of the universe. They govern all of creation into a binding state of ascension or extinction, based on the resonant adaptability of the organism to change in light of a higher universal order.  From lower to higher, the species of our planet climb ever higher up the ladder of creation, Jacob’s Ladder, or doom themselves if their resonant capabilities cannot process the code change signals from the Galactic Hub.  The frequency of these Gamma Ray bursts were clocked by the Maya, and re-discovered by Terence McKenna as the Universal Time Wave Theory.  Science, through computers has confirmed this theory as fact.  DNA has this property of morphogenic resonance, in essence, an irresistible force of destiny that cannot be stopped. 

It can however, be extended through the consumption of Manna, the mono-atomic gold that serves as the elixir of life to our DNA.

The Universal Mind Decoder^^

Every Shaman who danced the Snake Trance Dance knew this:  “We are Luminous Eggs, interconnected with threads of Starlight.”   This interplay of energetic force they called Quetzalcoatl, “The Serpent Engine of the Universe.”  Through precession, the solar eclipse of the Milky Way Galactic Hub occurs on winter solstice once every 26,000 years or so, coming round again in 2012.  This event marks the day of Zero in the Mayan calendar round. It is the image in the sky, with a burst of light drawing down into the aura of the “Orbit of Light.”  The “Time Wave Zero” concept was an inception of the Maya, to underscore the “Mechanism of Ascension,” because they were “One with it All...”

In Lach’ech!

These are the crystal stones circling my inspiration:

“Demons and Wizards,” album art by Uriah Heep.

*“Jacob’s Ladder,”  Permanent Waves, by Rush.

^Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark

(Amazing revelations of the incredible power of gold.)

By: Laurence Gardner.

^^Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, By John Major Jenkins.

(There are really far too many influences

in the evolution of a dream...)