From Inside the Towers


“First Rays of the New Rising Sun.”

Original: 24”X30” Eagle Prismacolor Pencil

©9/2001 M. Krapek

Agave Century Plants along the Apache Trail, Arizona.

    This rendering was being worked on during the events of September 2001, but was from an image conceived in 1977.  I drew in the smaller Desert Tower at the time of the collapse of the real South Tower in New York.  It dawned that the scene was an aural image of those terrible events that day.  The desert landscape was loaded with Masonic iconography that didn’t ring with me until that moment. 

    This is a revealing truth about my work, that is, its like a type of crystal ball that sometimes tells me things I was not consciously aware of. 

    Check out the flower pods,the flowers that are open are red, white, and blue.  These colors are the symbolic equivalent of the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to be free.  There are golden buds too.  The golden or yellow represents the long road home.  Together these for colors comprise the medicine wheel cardinal points and the four colors of mankind.  These are also the flag of admiralty colors. 

    Upon the revelation of my muse’s mystery I realized the open flowers symbolize the spirit of those trapped in the buildings whose life dream had been realized, and those golden buds represent the souls of those who were robbed of the chance! 

    I had this vision 25 years ago.  25 YEARS AGO!  What a Shock!  The Karmic waves of 9/11 hit me in 1977!  The grief poured out of me onto the page as I registered the absolute burden of my gift of second  sight...  Superception does come with a price.

    I titled the drawing “First Rays...” to convey the fact that we must awaken to the invisible threads that connect us all.  The separation anxiety that divides humanity must be outgrown.  To reconnect with the “Invisible Sun”  of good intent.

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