Gates of Delirium^


“The Road to Awe.”*

The Monster gate ruin at Campeche*

Rendered and Dream Interpreted by: M. Krapek ©10/2007

20”X26” Prismacolor on Vellum.

The Gates of Delirium

The Mayan Gates were perceived as literal transitions in consciousness by the Shaman Caste and their Initiates.  At the foot of the gate is the monster jaw alter where the sacred elixir (possibly Fly Agaric) was administered.  Intoxication ensued, rendering the apprentice awakened, whereupon he would emerge thru the monster mouth into paradise.  This process allowed the user his Tools for perception into the higher orders of awareness, as symbolized by the general shape of the Serpent Pyramid itself.  (It must be noted here the universal symbol for the medical profession the world over is the raised serpent.)  When emerging from a novice position to that of an adept, many dangerous and deadly trials were passed, for the wonders of inner awareness are vast and full of peril.

The first Tools or Feathers earned the Warrior Class Shaman are:

Patience, Discipline, Forbearance, and Timing.

These enabled the user to synchronize the Inner with the Outer to pry open the Third Eye, casting a wider net upon the range of conscious perception and step from the mere physical world of the Tonal into the true dream realm of the Nagual.

Adopted language source: Carlos Castenada

*The Fountain by: Darren Arronofsky

^Relayer by: Yes

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