Future Times/ Rejoice


©2012 by Michael Krapek

From a Mayan stone altar, from a film

shot in the Guatemala highlands.*

Divining the Future

Of the tools in the magic bag of the Curandero, were various implements to SEE into things that are not evident at first glance.  Such is it in this scene, depicting a Mayan Lord outwardly offering a corncob gift to a crystal skull on the altar.  Upon examining the image, it is clear the Brujo is about to conjure the essence of being within the corn using the power of the Smoking Bowl Incensario and the Vision Serpent.  In order to SEE the future, both male and female need to make a DNA offering, thus here we have the mature corn cob and the top tassels, making the bond with the Sacred Peyote in the bowl atop the skull.

The Message of Solomon

Of relative significance here, coming from an ocean away...from the lyrics of the Song of Solomon after he peered into the Sacred ARK, (itself a version of the Smoking Bowl) he SAW two paths emerge for mankind.  One path was the path to endless war and ruin, the other was the path to peace.  For this dual path he saw two distinct races of man, one which wielded oppression, and the other fostering eternal peace and forgiveness... The course of Innocence. For as the circuit of authoritarian civilization evolved, he perceived the ruinous path take root within the individual consciousness of mankind, sparked by an inbred loss of Eden awareness.  This emptiness thus forced the will to possess everything material, and dominate all fellow man in the process.  Solomon found a name for this possession. So he called it Dantalion, the demon of 10,000 faces, because anyone could succumb to its temptations.  Solomon saw within the portal this demon rise and fall throughout the unravelling of time.  HIS story unfolded before his eyes...history being the story of man’s captivity to this dangerous false and divisive influence.  Then falling into despair, Solomon realized the plan, the blueprint of hope...

“In the Fountains of the Universe,

Sits the boychild Solomon,

In the cities of the southern sky,

Dreams he of glory...

Future Times will stand and clearly smile, at the course of Innocence...”

“One the WORD will enter all our hearts,

Two the duel will alter them

Three jewels countenance divine away delight away!

Four the fight to free the land

Five the islands of Arabia

Six the tears that separate...

Future Times will stand and clearly SEE

Of the course of innocence.”**

Corn Futures

As I drew this picture, the stark contrasting differences of how we look at our world as compared to that of the Maya and other ancient connections became heartbreakingly clear:  the simple term corn futures took on a new meaning.  Today, this term predicts the annual yield of the price of metered amounts of corn bushels, all profit driven stakes, making food a simple commodity to be manipulated no matter what the cost environmentally.  Petrochemical based artificial fertilizers and pesticides have poisoned our water and soil, sickening livestock and children.  This dangerous fact has come to roost with Genetically Modified (GM) crops being introduced by mega-corporations to strangle the small organic farmer out of existence, and even threatens the course of natural selection altogether.  You see, these GM staples pollinate with other species to yield sterile crops, forcing farmers to buy only these patented seed products, one generation at a time.  Hybridization has been around since the dawn of civilization, but this GM step has become insidious, driven by the greedy who wish only to dominate, not to help.  Their plan is to patent DNA itself.  Already the effects of this are showing disastrous results.  Bees do not go to GM foods, in fact, these products serve only to confuse them in their natural balance.  This is a telling tale to the dangers of controlling nature from the point of view of Separation, forsaking the true potential of Unity awareness. 

As with all interests of those who think they own this planet and its contents, this is the Road to Ruin: “Dantalion.”

The Road Ahead

What all true visionaries SEE is the re-unification of the disparate closeted minds of mankind, downtrodden by their own fear as to reap the road to ruin.  Crying out in a desperate appeal to the unknown,  they will be united by one fell swoop of divine countenance, swept up in

A vast irresistible wave of consciousness that presides over, around, within and through the Everything there is.***


“See it All,

Till tomorrow...”**


*“Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest,” produced by the History Channel.

***THRIVE  “What on Earth will it Take?”  by Foster Gamble.

**Future Times/ Rejoice, by YES, Tormato album.

Innocence and Incense

The Brujo charged the Crystal Skull with this timeless wisdom. 

All one has left to do to open this gnosis,

open the portal of forgiveness through the heart.

Redux: The Image of Sajal (Lord) Aj Chak Wayib K’utiim consulting a crystal skull effigy incensario jar preparing for the Vision Serpent quest at YAX NIL, a satellite city to Piedras Negras...

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