The Flower Gate


“The Flower Gate”

-The Katuns of Harmony

©11/2007 M.Krapek

20”X26” Prisma on vella

Conceptual color key and dreamscape reconstruction of the Gate of Labna, Mexico by M. Krapek

“The portal is in the plant.”

The Flower Gate at Labna was built to symbolize the transcendental passage from mundane reality  into the Flower World.  This was a sensitivity trial, usually reserved for but not entirely witnessed by  women.  After Olloliqui was ministered, the Curare became attuned to the interwoven nature of our reality as expressed in the DNA blanket loom patterns of indigenous tribes.  These images          

reinforced the notions of an interdependent world where everything is linked at the most                        fundamental level.  They maintained the awareness that reality is woven together with myriads of   tiny fibers of light and is filtered by perception into the colors of harmony that are all too easily

taken  for granted.  This energy pattern is called the Binary Triplet Matrix (the dance of the loom) and is expressed in math by the Rectangle of the Golden Mean: 13X20.  Everything, EVERYTHING that exists has contained within it this ratio.  Onto this grid were colored the days of creation, and with it the Mayan Calendar Round, cascading as do the notes on the guitar fretboard. 

  E _A _D _G_B _E


  G  |__|__|__|__|__|


  A  |__|__|__|__|__|


  B  |__|__|__|__|__|

  C  |__|__|__|__|__|


  D  |__|__|__|__|__|


  E  |__|__|__|__|__|

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