Escape Velocity


©3/2009 Michael A. Krapek

Embellished from Monument #24, Quirigua, Mayan, (c.e. 795.)

Original as an enormous rock carving, in the round.  Used as a goal post for ball players who passed muster and were granted ascent to the inner realms of consciousness expansion.

“Break on through to the other side.”

-Jim Morrison and the Doors

Seen bursting forth with the force of 10,000 butterfly sneezes, the Shaman is emerging or “birthing” from the sacred cenote of the Blue Turtle, or mother earth.  This is a rendition of the legend of the birth of “First Man,”  1 Hunahpu as written in the Mayan book of stone known as the Popul Vuh.  This scene is interpreted as the visionary experience of an initiate experiencing propulsion into an altered state of consciousness by a DMT enhancing substance such as peyote or psilocybin.  The jaguar masked subject (wisdom caste initiate) holds the twin serpents of life force in his hands, each emanating from the length of his own spine.

The Glyph package or tesseract:

(Culled from dreams I had while executing this conundrum.)

“I sing the body electric!”

All consciousness emanates as a gift,

from the force of life itself,

as self witness to self awareness!

This vital energy is here for us to tap,

to amplify and disperse,

to bring the world into higher harmony,

to fly at one,

to see across time and space,

to heal,

to enjoy,

and procreate the next round.

To live forever,

within and without

the Universal Dream!


I am you,

You are me.

I am Maya,

the illusion,

the root, the tree, the leaf,

the witness thereof.

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