Emerald Tablet


©2010 By Michael A. Krapek

The Emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

Herein lies the solution to one of the great mysteries of antiquity,

which is revealed in our present time by a great personal revelation.

First of all, the identity of the legendary Greek founder and philosopher: Hermes

is none other than the Egyptian Thoth, and the Sumerian Enki, or Ea.

Father angel, creator of man, and megalithic engineer, first scientist. 

It is understood that this personage once walked upon the earth,

so named after his honor, Ea-r-Tey, “The abode of Ea” by the Sumerians.

When delving into the mysteries of the Great Pyramid, the discovery of the

Emerald Tablet set in motion an important puzzle piece that has been recovered concerning

the operation of the Zen Machine by its maker, Hermes or Enki.

The Emerald Tablet was a cosmic IPAD, a control board,

used to command the flow of energy transduction within the Pyramid.

Frozen on the Emerald Table’s homepage the key to opening

“The Lost  Book of Enki.”

This book gives access to the Akashic Records: the true and eternal cosmic internet,

(also called Gaia, the Holy Spirit, Quetzalcoatl, what have you.) 

It was used as a tool for reference, storage, retrieval, and teaching, in conjunction with the

“52 Crystal Skull Hard Drives” set up within the Grand Gallery of the Pyramid.

To open the first page, and hence surf the internet book, the password must be deciphered.

The formula that was hidden in the prose frozen on the page concerns the mystery of Manna, or Monoatomic gold. 

This is the source of all alchemy and chemistry knowledge in use today, yet it was the last to be cracked. 

This is because since that primordial knowledge was lost,

mankind’s only hope was to re-discover this information from the bottom up.

It would seem to the layman this interpretation of the tablet is just a carving of Runic characters in stone,

but to the practiced geomancer it was also a touch sensitive keypad that unlocked the mysteries of creation,

through psychic manipulation using excess impulses of prana released from the tesla coil that is the spine. 

I.e. What I have coined “Life Force Technology.”

Of course, nobody alive today can possibly accomplish this feat,

and even the whereabouts of the true Emerald Tablet remains in doubt. 

It is merely a legend.

But the simple fact is; we have created the modern equivalents of these ancient esoteric devices in our world today,

and are beginning to master them, thus proving their existence as ideas of the distant past.

The Great Pyramid remains as a sentinel to this lost awareness,

grossly misunderstood by ants foraging the surface of the globe for crumbs of this magnificent golden age.

As transrational awareness peeks through the veil of ignorance to reveal our true nature,

we find we are connected as nerve endings to the cosmic picture as a whole.

Each of us to another.  Drops in an egoless pool of infinite eternal light,

words on a page revealing the meaning of existence. 

Our period of isolation and quarantine is nearly over.

The Emerald Tablet

True, without falsehood, the Universal order,

AS ABOVE, so below, and as below, SO ABOVE,

for the sake of the performance of the miracles of the One Source. 

As all things are borne from the Source, through the mediation of the Source, and return to the Source upon completion.

The Sun is its Father, Moon its Mother, the winding Wind carries it in its belly, nursed by the Earth.  This is the Father of perfection, the sum of the whole of creation.  From the Earth, it is the integrating (electric) force.

The Earth shall be separated from Fire, the Subtle from the Gross. Refined,

suavely and with great  ingenuity.  It ascends from earth to heaven, and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors, the spark. 

Now you hold the mysteries of the whole world in your hands; therefore, let all fear flee from thee.  This is the Force of Life, overcoming any obstacle. 

Through this means, life was created.

Hence we are wonderful adaptations, grown from the Source.

I am called Hermes Trismegistus, having 3 parts of the philosophy of creation,

body, mind, and spirit.

Thus is given the knowledge of the Operation of the Sun.

Culled from the pages of:

“The Secret Teachings of All Ages” by: Manly P. Hall.

Tablet translation reinterpreted from www.golden-dawn.org

(They had the mystery, but failed the simplicity of meaning, it being too early.)

Head keeper elevation:

“Shine” by Todd Rundgren, Healing

“The Keys to Ascension” by Yes, Keystudio

“Triad” by Tool, Lateralus