El Habla Calavera!


“The Talking Skull!”


Michael Krapek

Embellished from a Mayan mural showing the protector of the Earth’s axis, Itzamna,

sitting opposite the Crystal Skull.

The serpent embellishment seemingly emphasizes the scene as one of a contemporary “Homer Simpson” style man reclining in front of his laptop,

with power cord running to the ground and antenna in the air!

Another example of history repeating itself, or at least playing tricks on us.

With the vision serpent, the Maya perfected memory storage and retrieval using

piezoelectric silicon dioxide quartz, employing a psychotropic interface.

It was through these means they established a mathematic code better than our own, in complete harmony with nature, and devised a calendrical system that proves the return of the galactic synchronization paradigm of consciousness in 2012.  With the colorization of this scene, I realized the Mayan framework within murals and documents looks and acts like the desktop on a computer screen!

Storage and Retrieval

Examination of the cartouche glyphs reveals them running left to right on the borders of the scene in a quite typical fashion.

These glyphs represent complete thoughts or sentences.

They may also represent story references or windows in their own right,

just as the icons on the monitor dock or in a file folder.  Serpents represent energy, in many wavelengths, the recliner representing earth’s magnetosphere. 

The Maya employed power projectors, through the art of psychometry, with their iconography acting not merely as written word, but also as a touch sensitive streaming download impressed directly into one’s consciousness.

For amusement sake, the icon in the lower left corner represents the ceremonial bundle or sack for the Crystal Skull, and opens the page being viewed.

The listed icons sequentially unfold the operating system track from left to right, like paragraphs or chapters, yielding a progressive story or informative chart.  These cartouche images then imprint the viewer with thought patterns or dream sequences that complete the lesson or program.  Living thought projections, like an action movie, all Mayan images are meant to fill the beholder with awe.

Click, and go into other realms of awareness!

The access points to the 9 levels of consciousness have been revealed,

but of course one must be an astral traveller, schooled in the use of psychotropics. 

It appears computers of today are the training wheels of the new age masters.

The Skull speaks!

With finality, regarding the computational efforts of the Master of Earth’s destiny...

the Crystal Skull gives warning, “13 AHAU.”

And in listening, thoughtfully programming his reply to go back into the

storage matrix of the Crystal Skull,

Master Itzamna booms,  “But, I thought we’d have more time!”

“Never fear for you are living in Eternal Mind,”

Came the Skull’s answer.

Added information:

The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls  by: Morton and Thomas.

The Skull Speaks by: Brian Hadley-James

The Crystal Skull by: Richard Garvin


“Within You and Without You” by: The Beatles, Sergeant Pepper”s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

“A Time and a Place,” and “Bitches Crystal” by: Emerson, Lake and Palmer,

The Show that Never Ends.

The Icon” by: Utopia, The Icon.

“The Wizard” by: Uriah Heep, Demons and Wizards.

Thus it can be asserted that as time ticks to 2012,

western consciousness will naturally align with the Mayan way of thinking,

simply because it is of the balance of universal order.

Talking Head, redux, 10/28/11                     Skulls                                               B/W painting