Einstein-Rosen Bridge


By Michael A. Krapek

April 20, 2013

Adaptation of Tucson’s “Rattlesnake Bridge” bicycle path

over Broadway Blvd. downtown,

and Leandro Souza’s Crystal Skull called ISATOR. 

This image cements for me the notion that wormholes exist

within the fabric of our being. 

It is the tool I use.


The science fiction concept of wormholes in modern physics first popped up in the research of Albert Einstein in 1905.  In 1935, Nathan Rosen and Einstein initiated their idea with an hypothesis, known as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Nordic legend calls it the Bi-frost bridge, whereas the Bible calls it the Zephyr.  It states that “Baal was a consummate rider of the crest of Zaphon.”  Christians refer to it as the Holy Spirit. Mayans referred to it as the Zuvuya, and adept users were “Surfers of the Zuvuya.”   They also called it Quetzalcoatl, or the Rainbow Serpent.  Bill and Ted’s Rufus called it “The circuits of time.”  Modern computer junkies call it the tube.  It is the door to dreams of Aldous Huxley, the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland, the flight of Peter Pan.  The source of imagination which connects the individual mindset to the Universal Bit Stream. 

Synthesizing Reality

On April 19,1933, Swiss Doctor Albert Hoffman accidentally discovered the existence of the wormhole inside the human mind, while researching drugs to treat schizophrenia.  Hoffman was the first to synthesize and ingest the psychotropic drug found in the botanicals of the Brujos, namely psilocybin. Today, the anniversary of Hoffman’s discovery and subsequent accidental ingestion is celebrated across America with bicycle day 4/19, and the 4/20 smoke out.  This accidental ingestion he called his problem child, LSD.  You see, Hoffman found Eden at the end of the wormhole.  I think it interesting to note that his discovery is the resulting natural karmic counterbalance to the rise of Hitler.  Just as the rise of the Hippies popular use of LSD was the karmic balance to Nixon. This is of course true to anyone who has experienced these DMT boosters, for paradise IS a state of mind.  Any government, especially bad government, is a very poor substitute for Eden Awareness...

Universal Access

We all have access to this gift of timeless flight, or thought projection, a form of travel at literally the speed of thought.  Forget about light speed, the speed of thought is instantaneous, and universal to anyone who has the energy, and muster, and wisdom to use it.  With more people than ever embracing the visionary thought paradigm of the ancients, found existing within the botanical world, it is only a matter of time until the bulk of humanity tips the balance of consciousness from the material to the spiritual realm.  When science meets the Brujo, when the computing world interfaces with the magic mushroom, awareness will become absolutely limitless, and the self serving authoritarian paradigm will fade into the dustbin of history.  We indeed make our dreams real, so find the best dream you can.

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