Eden’s Apple


“River Running Over My Head.”

©10/2006 M. Krapek


Berol and Eagle Prismacolor

on Strathmore Watercolor

If you want a delicious snack, you eat an apple. 

But if you want to converse with God, you eat the thorn apple! -M.K.

“Apple To The Core!” -J. Lennon

Eden’s Apple

©2006 By M. Krapek

And when Adam ate the apple

and looked up-

He saw Eve.

Eve in the Mountains,

Eve in the flowers.

And he knew:

Woman makes life,

And the Shame of Man

Forever makes war.

The spell was cast,

Higher and higher,

Away from this doom they flew!

But alas, the Thorn Apple did the trick.

The Gabriel trumpet resounded with the

Death Angel’s malevolent release:

Then the River of Gnowledge

ran over their heads

And thru Everything.

Whereupon being cast down

They Foresaw

Within the blink

of the Inner Eye,

All of Man’s Evil,

Done in the Name of Good!

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