Witch Hunt

During the conquest of Mexico, much of the history of the region was plundered by the Conquistadores in the name of Crown and Church to supposedly save the savages from their deviant path.  Such is the nature of conquest, demonize those who sit on the lands desired, in order to justify genocide.  During these times, many villages were destroyed,  along with 4,000+ years of accumulated knowledge.   Everything from pyramid buildings to monuments, statues, and books, gone.  So much was sacrificed that it was thought the savages of ancient Mexico were ignorant of the written word.  

This could not have been further from the truth.

Purple Haze

Of the stories that survived those cruel times is the legend of Bishop Diego De Landa, a Franciscan priest whose mission was to tame the Maya of Yucatan.  When he became embroiled in a cleansing with a series of book burnings, the arrogant party drove down to their last 4 complete works of ancient Mayan writings.  The final night of the scourge, the Friar had a dream.  In this dream the Pope appeared to him out of a purple mist with those last books, proclaiming:  “Do not burn these, for they are the Word of God.”  The shocked Friar awoke with a start, and tearfully confiscated the last books,  “What have I done?”  They were spirited off to Spain, more precious then gold. 

For centuries, nobody knew their worth.

Eclipse: Astronomy Domine

The Mayan Dresden Codex were star charts. 

Maps suitable for Star Trek.  The Maya intellectuals were completely obsessed with reading the heavens, plotting planetary movements, predicting eclipses, and interpreting the Word of the “Breath of the Cosmos” as it related to human affairs, especially the affairs of the descendants of the  Ah Kin, or Solar Lords, because they were tied to the cosmos with an invisible umbilicus.  The lives of these rulers were directly plotted by the stars, the Maya Curandero could read their future in the heavens, open and close portals connecting them with infinite awareness, even predict the rise and fall of civilizations.  The last page is one of the most remarkable documents of the Dresden Codex.  Since the Maya correctly viewed time as cyclical in nature, this is a chart of an at once past and predicted future cycle of eclipses that are due in 2012.  The cayman in the drawing represents the galactic rift, spewing 3 consecutive plumes of water representing cosmic energy emanating from the galactic hub that is due to hit the earth.  The smallest plume is that of the transit of Venus, occurring June 5,6.  The second in a lunar eclipse of the Sun, set for November 13.  And the largest course represents the setting of the precessional year, December 21, 2012.  Each of these plumes is significant because they give an intensity reading to the amount of change that will hit the biosphere.  Each heavenly body blocking the path of this energy has the effect of focusing the energy into the atmosphere, via the ozone hole in the southern hemisphere.  This energy will affect the DNA of every organism on the planet, and bear witness to the Ascension of Consciousness.  One figure in the image is of the female “Old God,” citing the nature of death, transformation and rebirth, the artificer. The male “Lord L” is the minion of conquest, 7 MACAW.  Each of these represent the prevailing human condition, to be routed by the Ascension.

TPTB, ©2011. From the Dresden Codex.

The prophecy reveals Skull man and Snake man, carving up the turkey.  

A skewed view of the Maya into the clown car of  modern political theater.

Inspiration and credits:

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Interpreted by M.Krapek, ©11/5/11.

First here is the last page of the Mayan book named the Dresden Codex,

discovered in the 1500s by monks like Fr. Diego DeLanda, deciphered by adventurer Jim Turner.

Into the Fire

The four books were divested to the Kingdoms of Europe, their language never deciphered, and hence forgotten.  Until WW2.  It was after the fire bombing of Dresden by the allies which completely leveled the city that one codex was rediscovered. This was primarily because the book surprisedly survived the fire, hidden in a vault within a miraculously undamaged Catholic Cathedral.  Serendipity plays its part.  Scholars, with the help of computers, finally deciphered the entire remaining Maya codex beginning in the 1980s.

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