Crystal Skull Smoke Signals


“Raspat en espinaso e socado el ojo blanco.”

Drawing: ©7/2007 M. Krapek. Prismacolor on Vellum Bristol

B/W Painting: ©3/2007 M. Krapek

This phenomenal illustrated  interpretation was adapted from a limestone lintel found in the ruins at Yaxchilan, Mexico.  The painting is an image of the original.  When I execute these drawings, I dream them and find out their meaning!

“This means something Ronnie!”*

The Crystal Skull glyph interpretation by: M. Krapek

The scene shows Lady K’abal-Xoc conjuring the image of Waxaklhun- Ubah-Kan Yaxchilan, using the barbed rope bloodletting practice of her ancestors in the dynamic Sacred Peyote Trance Ceremony.  Her purpose here was to extract knowledge from the Crystal Skull in her hand, but in order to do this, an ancestral intermediary had to be used.  The file of the Skull was scribed in a glyph caption bubble and related by the vision serpent as: “Everything!” (the Large ‘O.’)  This whole process was then re-recorded by the botanical interface and set back into the quartz storage matrix of the Skull. 

There are thirteen known articulated Mayan Crystal Skulls of record.  These were the hard drives for the civilization centers of the Stone Temple computer Pilots.  The Lords of the Nagual flew on an internet called the Zuvuya, and employing the botanical interface of Peyote, used psychometry to charge all knowledge, all wisdom, for all time within the matrix of the Crystal Skulls.

*Close Encounters by: Steven Spielberg

The adaptation of this work “The Skull Speaks”

was presented to “4theheads”

as a T-shirt application in April, 2010.

Captions read,  “The crystal Skulls were the hard drives for the stone temple pilots!”

The skull says,  “Yeah, We’re 4theheads!”

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