“The Center of the Sky”


Colorized by: Michael A. Krapek ©2010.

Repouss’e decorated gold and copper medicine shield recovered from the

Sacred Cenote well of sacrifice at Chichen Itza.

This image demonstrates the significance of the abject ritual practice of forming the “Center of Sky” around any Sooth Sayer’s prescient oracle.

Surrounding the scene are the Four corners of the Mayan calendar zodiac, delineated by the 4 colors of Man, the Tzolkin, and the Quincunx markers.

The process of drawing the four corners revealed the importance of receiving any commandment of office to the divination of the four directions around any and every intelligence, thereby casting wisdom into anything spoken.

Of course this was practiced with copious amounts of Sacred Wisdom plants such as Sacred Peyote,  Amanita Muscara, or Olloliqui.  And through the centuries of expert use of these substances, they traveled at the speed of thought to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, to consult with the Oracle of Creation, the Eagle’s Eye, the Black Hole at our cosmic source.


and were this!

Here the oracle is seen holding an atl-atl and two sacred spears, giving positive or negative charge to their use as fate, representing the undulating force of Quetzalcoatl, or gamma ray impulses.  His crown has 4 Sacred Macaws, giving directional weight to his word in worldly affairs.  This has a direct association with the modern practice of “Smudging,” which places any recipient’s conscious state into the Heart of Heaven, the Cradle of Creation, the Quetzal’s breath...

Hunab Ku,

The Galactic Hub,

Xibalba Be

The Heavenly Road,

“The Center of Sky.”

Inspired by countless treks to the San Xavier Mission,

Tucson’s “Heart and Cradle...”

The Ancient Maya, by: Robert J. Sharer. p.721.

The movie: “Taking Woodstock,” by Eng Lee.

(Velma says, “Go see what the center of the universe looks like Elliot!”)

“The Way out is the way in.” By: RUSH.

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