Black Hole Sun


“Black Hole Sun”

20”X25” Colored Pencil

©8/2003 M.Krapek

Cat and Mouse

Perched atop the twin spiral pylon pillars of the Kino Mission at O’Odham W’ac, Arizona is a pair of cartoon images whose purpose is to mystify the viewer.  All symbolism in religious architecture is impregnated with meaning.  The curious adversaries upon the Boaz and Joaquin pillars are a comical reminder of the temporary nature of our fragile existence:

“The cat will catch the mouse on the day the world ends!”

The Loom of the Maya

The Tohono O’Odham People believe their ancestry to be tied to the Maya.  They share the same knowledge of the interwoven nature of reality, binding the environment with mankind through the Unitary  (rather than dualistic) format of consciousness.  This rendering is a convolution which intends to present both the seat of the Panther World and the peace of the Desert Dove in unity.  The sky glyphs indicate the turn of the final TUN cycle of the Mayan Calendar as an awakening for The People to mark their re-assimilation with the Biosphere.  It is said Unity  will bud within the collective mind of humanity bringing an end to the cycle of History. 

The Gregorian calendar date: 12/21/2012 cycles the Mayan long count from 13 Ahau to 1 Imix.  This signals the once in 26,000 year eclipse of the Galactic Hub by the Sun at winter solstice.  Scientifically, the evolution involved in this process is seeded by solar concentrated galactic gamma radiation, hitting the morphogenic field and yielding a scalar increase in the holographic resonance of all life.

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