Axte Incal, Axtuce Mun


“Set the Keys, Draw the Chords, and Measure the Earth.”

© May, 2008  M. Krapek.

22”X28”  Prismacolor on #300 vellum bristol.

So states ‘The Egyptian Book of the Dead’ about the process of flight with regards to the Pharaoh’s crystal ship, the Me-Gan royal bark.  This has been a contested interpretation over the years of research into the source meanings of Egyptology.  The fine point is discerned however, when the phrase is seen in a harmonic rather than an engineering context.

“Axte Incal, Axtuce Mun”

(To know the Source, is to Know all things.*)

Legend has it: The New view over Atlantis

Facts have recently revealed a planet girdled with ruins of a megalithic nature, from Giza to Tiahuanaco, Yonaguni to Lubaantun.  More are unearthed yearly, many present curious connecting lines called Dod lines or Ley lines.  The Chinese call them Dragon pathways, or Feng-shui.  Further research has discovered all of these megalithic sites mirror constellation patterns calling back to a date of 10,500 B.C.E.  This timeline corresponds to the last earth changes ending the Ice Age with the coming of the Great Flood.  The most intriguing aspect of these megaliths is each and every site, great or small, whether ancient grand ashlars or rubble built over ruins, has an harmonic signature. 

This means the Great Pyramid at Giza has a tuned pitch.  “A” 438 to be exact.  As do ALL the other megaliths the world over, built with a perfected purpose, part of a network of transport and consciousness, harnessing the Aurora to meet the needs of a living Planetary civilization, Atlan.

The Keys to Flight:

The rendering is a view over the Sky Harbor of the plantation of Itzamna, Incalia, Amaru.   (Amazonia, South America.)  Approx. 11,000 B.C.E.  The avian vessels float on a broadcast net of radiant energy, distributed thru a web of 666 capped grid nodes encompassing the planet.  Vortex nodes are either positive, negative, or neutral, and are capped with either pyramids, spheres, or obelisks.   The system is completely passive, inviting the gift of life around its periphery.  The largest Pyramid source emitter, The Mighty Maxt, is located on the Island of Poseid, in the present southern (then central) Atlantic Ocean.  The ships repellers are similar to audio speakers, but their tune is the earthen resonance field.  Power is measured in TUNS, and can move mountains.  When a destination is desired, the KEYS are set, and the CHORDS are drawn bringing the detent node lined up to the depart node to assess a MEASURE of distance across the earth.  (Remember, each megalith has a tuned pitch frequency.)  The Chord drones out until the destination is reached and the boat floats down to the flower petals of the dock.  Green Sprites level the radiant charge into the prow of each vessel, or vailx or vailon, with a rearward discharge called a red Jet. The discharge Jet is sent line of sight through the atmosphere back to the previous node, completing the circuit.  The power source is ORME Ark Energy.  The last surviving example was the Ark of the Hebrews.  Atmospheric water is the fuel and the exhaust.   The nearest we have come today to understanding this is PGM fuel cells, but the energy storage capacitor is the Earth itself!  (Tesla invented the principles of all this, and today we take for granted all of his work, from cell phones to AC power, computers to the microwave oven.)  The Skyboats are both arial and submarine in nature, with names like Flying fish, Stingrays, or Seahawks, since at the time the world’s colonies were mainly a union of land and lakes, larger and smaller seas adjoined, temperate from the tropics,frozen at the poles.  The north pole was located in Hudson Bay, leaving most of Antarctica habitable.  This was Poseid.  Plantation groves consisted mainly of food like banana, industrials like rubber, and of psychotropics, but it must be noted all botanicals are as such, each singing their uses, to listening ears.

Chant for the Whorryld United!

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