Ancient of Days


“Apparatus Infinitum.”

Translated:  “The Ancient of Days Machine.”

From the Angels of Ashurnasurpal, Ancient Assyria. 

Transcribed into color and boldly interpreted:

©1/2008 M. Krapek

    The 4,000 year old ”Upkallu of Ashurnasurpal” is a granite carving recording the participation of four Genii in what convention describes as an unknown ritual.  Recent translations* however, have been unearthed to reveal what has become known as the “Science of God.”  It has become clear that what these individuals are doing in the relief is reaping a staple from a plant or machine or “Power Plant” that increases their longevity a thousandfold.  The Pentateuch calls this device “The Ancient of Days.”  It was also called “The Tree of Life.”  Hindu text calls it the Shiva Lingam.  Representing the four Cardinal Points and colors, the figures are seen holding Baghdad Batteries and Static Wands.  Each is holding a coney biscuit known as Manna.  The process involved in manufacturing Manna as described in the Khabbalah subjects GOLD to 4,000F degree electric arc heat to yield compressed orbitally reduced monoatomic elemental (ORME) dust or white powder gold.  The large flower is the orifice where gold was deposited and then processed through the machine.  Many small flowers produced the monoatomic cones and are depictions of emitted static electricity.  The machine was powered by the Ark of the Covenant, itself a storage capacitor of Manna, or otherwise known in modern terms as a

PGM Power Cell. 

    It turns out our DNA is a type of transistor, (silica sandwiched between two pieces of gold,) tipped with Telomeres made of monoatomic gold dust.  As we age, our cells reproduce and eventually fade enough to lose their resiliency.  The ingestion of pure Manna, or Ambrosia, was designed to recharge the cellular structure by sharpening the telomeres and thus arresting the aging process.  This could only be accomplished with an intermittent charge on the tongue from a battery to facilitate any weakness to recovery.  Heady stuff I know, but literally, communion with “The Fruit of the Tree of Life!”

*Authors: Laurence Gardner, Maurice Cotterell, Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchen et. al.

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