7 Macaw


By Michael A. Krapek ©8/2/11,8/13/11,8/17/11.

Mayan Creation Glyphs found at Izapa, Mexico.

What follows is an interpretation of these glyphs

originally translated by John Major Jenkins and others.

A Three Glyph Series

“You and I, we are strangers by one chromosome...”*

Understanding these images attune one toward Mayan Galactic Synchronization.

7 Macaw is seen perched high upon a staff representing the earth’s axis and the 6 cardinal directions.  The staff is held by a man bleeding from a lost arm.  Upon further examination, the great 7 Macaw’s apparent beauty is eclipsed by a makeup of lost limbs, entrails, ears, heart, and other sacrificed body parts.  This characterization is a 2,000 year old projection of the rise of the machinations of man, through artificial civilization and technology.  This current stage in the advancement of consciousness is called the Technosphere.  

Next to the axial pole is a Cayman, which represents the Milky Way Galaxy, with the nuclear bulge, the birthplace of stars like rows of corn in its belly, and life flourishing around its branches.  The small bird atop the World Tree is the Little Dipper, while 7 Macaw is the Big Dipper.  All is a projection of the heavens, exacting the drama of the 26,000 year Solar Precession of the Equinoxes.  During this current age man has mistakenly worshipped the false god 7 Macaw, (Polaris) taking its toll in flesh, blood and tears.  When all along having ignored the Cayman, The Milky Way Great Rift, grows nearby drawing the Energy Serpent from around 7 Macaw.  As our current world age draws down, 7 Macaw’s self serving price will rise, making an effort to trap mankind.  The inevitable result will be The Fall of 7 Macaw, freeing the Energy Serpent. Out of the current chaos of civilization man will evolve in reaction to a burst of Gamma energy from the Galactic Hub. This will result in the spontaneous creation of the Noosphere, through genetic mutation of an interface of man and nature. We already see its emergence using technology, with the internet, and global communication, and yet we are seeing the failure of artificial institutions everywhere.  All that is lacking is the application of truth to power, through the Transformation of Consciousness, harmonizing the bond of brotherhood.

The internet will give way to the Universal Mind.

Inspirations and credits:

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