One of the Best Seats


“You’ve got one of the best seats in the House.”

©3/1974 M. Krapek

10”X 16” Eagle prismacolor, Crayola and graphite pencil

on Strathmore drawing pad paper.

The Loom of the Maya

(This story is dedicated to those students from my Morrice, Michigan H.S. Art classes.)

“You’ve got one of the best seats in the house!”

Back in 1974, when I taught High School Art, I used to assign projects to the students and complete them myself as a way of teaching by example. 

This particular drawing of a seasonal medicine wheel/eye had puzzled me until one of the students, (whose name happened to be Buzz)  suggested,”Inside out!”

“Yea.” I replied, “Rods and Cones!”  Elated, I shared the idea with the class and spent several hours finishing the page.  The piece was then framed, and hung on the wall.  The seasons changed, and the school year ended.  One day, over summer break, I received a sad phone call that the very same student involved with the eyeball drawing was accidentally

drowned in a fishing accident.

Years passed, after mourning the loss of a good friend, the incident was relegated to memory.

After moving west, my career efforts put me in a position to require advertising.  Out of the blue, I was visited by a woman who offered me an article space in “Who’s Who” in exchange for, for, for...  “Oh, I don’t know, how about that drawing over there!”  She pointed to “One of the best seats...”  I hesitated, careful not to reveal its secret history, but reluctantly agreed to the trade.  We then shook on it and the deal was complete.  After the article was finished,

she took the drawing home and hung it on her bedroom wall over her bed. 

Then that very first night she had a dream she was


This is an example of what the Maya call: 

“The Loom of the Maya,”

in that everything in the universe is woven by invisible fibers of consciousness!

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