“The Spark of Life”


Pencil Montage by: Michael A. Krapek ©9/2008

21”X28” Prismacolor on Vellum Bristol

Interpreted collection all in one of:

The Mysterious Monuments of Teotihuacan,

with the Pyramids of the Moon and Sun, and the Avenida de Los Muertes, Pre-Toltec.

The Serpent Rider of La Venta, Olmec.

The Legend of Sky Serpent and Solar Captain, Itza-Maya.

The Tomes of Shambala, Tibetan.

The amazing placer wizardry of ORME metals as discovered by David R. Hudson,

and documented by Laurence Gardner. 

(i.e. The Philosopher’s Stone!)

The Overview: What The Serpent Rider Sees*ª

This panel is a demonstration of what may have been the purpose of the sluice canal of the Avenida.  The Pyramid of the Moon served as a lightening rod for the harnessing of wild electricity.  The canal was subdivided on its length within the ratio of the Pythagorean monochord.  These harmonic divisions were flooded with mountain runoff and as storms approached, lightning would strike rods on the Moon Pyramid and transmit through copper cables to the sluice pools in series.  As the current stepped down from each sluice, the ambient metals traveling in the water would electroplate upon their corresponding vibrational frequency of electric force. This metal would build up until it was deemed sufficient to smelt.  To give life, for consumption, this was food for the gods, manna.  Of course this was extremely dangerous.  Evidence to this theory is in the ruin, aside from the fact that when the Conquistadores invaded, they found no evidence of gold mines, yet seized an inordinate amount of gold and silver from the Aztecs.  What is more, the whole of the Valley Teotihuacan is scorched, where a 1 inch thick layer of the soil has been fused into glass as if by a nuclear blast or electric fire.  Not to mention the 90 ft. square mica slabs each weighing several tons capping the pyramids.  Coming from Brazil, 2,000 miles away, mica is an insulator. 

Calling All Angels*ª

Knowledge was transmitted thru the Sun to the Sun Pyramid Jaguar Brujo Culture and preserved within the temple complex, for this is where the elders believed “The Sun was Born.”  Enlightenment is what this means, and is relative to the concept of the Tomes of Shambala, (lower left corner.)   The sound of the water.  The sound of the wind and rain.  The sound of the Ark of Crystal Skulls hidden within the Pyramid of Osiriaconwiya. 

The Sound of your heartbeat!  The monochord nature of the Avenue is the musical equivalent known as the Teotihuacan Suite or Thus Spake Zarathustra.

Hamlet’s Millªª**^

The Legend of Sky Serpent and Solar Captain is attributed to the Itza Maya, or Toltec University center of Chichen-Itza.  Expressed in their fierce ball play, the teams re-enacted the precessional cosmic cycle of the Solar Eclipse of the Galactic Hub on winter solstice, an event that occurs once every 26,000 years.  Next conjunction: 12/21/2012.  This is an Earth Alert Evolutionary Event, and because of the resultant Gamma Ray storm, the ascension to holographic resonance of the morphogenic field is likely to occur within open receptors.  In other words, the Rainbow Serpent of Biocosmic Energy within our spinal column is going to sprout wings.  This has been prophesied to signal an end to the lumbering drudgery of the Technosphere and give rise to the Noosphere, the reanimation of the World Tree.  It is widely believed that this will bring a permanent shift to a higher level of human awareness.


Project ORME***^^

Some years ago Researcher David R. Hudson stumbled upon an enigmatic powdered chemical substance found everywhere yet detected nowhere.  After many trials, his study led him to understand the importance of his discovery.  The substance became known as Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elementals.  There is an octave of these elementals, called the noble metals, or PGMs, with gold at the highest seat (Ru,Rh,Pd, Ag,Os,Ir,Pt,Au.)   Archaeological evidence presented white powder gold as the Egyptian Mfkzt, or Hebrew Manna.  The Egyptian Leopard Priesthood referred to it as The Field of Mfkzt, the plane of Shar-On, or the Realm of the Order of Light.  The Hebrews called it the Bridge between Worlds.  Science has since concluded this is the substance that makes up the telomeres or tips of our DNA.  This is the alchemical Sorcerer’s Stone.  The sluice canal  avenue at Teotihuacan is thus interpreted using the octave monochord as a device for placer mining the noble metals (PGMs) from the river.

Et in Arcadia Ego^^^

The Vision Serpent Rider is a manifestation of the Dream Body Double of the Medicine Culture.  Legend has it these beings could travel anywhere using this skill.

The Baghdad Battery in the hand of the Serpent Rider Binds his image to the Mesopotamian paradigm.  The Jaguar skin and headdress melds him to Egyptian cosmology.  Since this image is carved in a stone slab from La Venta, Mexico, and is attributed to the Olmec, it  becomes clear that indeed the ancient Curare Culture was intercontinental, PGMs were their primary mission on a worldwide quest.  These PGMs were used to fuel the Light Body.

Credits and further materials:

*Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids by: Peter Tompkins

ªThe Mystery of the Crystal Skulls by: Morton and Thomas

ªªMaya Cosmogenesis 2012 by: John Major Jenkins

**Time and the Technosphere by: Jose Arguelles

^The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness

by: Carl Johan Calleman

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Audiophonic inspiration:

“The Spark of Life” by: Todd Rundgren.   Album: Todd.

“Thus Spake Zarathustra” by: Richard Strauss.  2001, A Space Odyssey

“Calling All Angels” Sigur Ros.  Agaetis Byrjun

B/W painting of the stele “Serpent Rider of La Venta” ©2006 M. Krapek

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