“The Monkey in the Corner wrote the lesson in his book.”


“The Ship of the Sun will be Driven by the

Grateful Dead.”

Limestone Mural from the Temple of Hathor,

Dendera, Egypt, attributed to 250BC, but depicting a time much earlier.

Interpreted by: M. Krapek ©2008.

The Dream

Years ago I had a dream, involving the levitation of large stone blocks by some accomplished Genii.  I understood some of what they said, but I had no idea how they were doing what I saw, because I looked down at my hands and realized I was a Monkey!

Later I stumbled on an image entitled “Egyptians with Ritual Objects” and gazed back at my dream.  The bas relief mural this drawing was adapted from did not show the static charges, but everything else is as shown.  The mural came from a room full of them, each representing different aspects of ritual levitonics, situated beneath a dome mural of the Zodiac in Precession.  I later learned the two initiates were Father and Son, Ptahotep and Rahorus, Spouse and Son to Hathor.  They were building the Great Pyramid Power Plant at Giza, and the Murals at Dendera were sort of a Disney theme park commemorating their achievements millennia after the fact.

Electronic Blueprints

Upon close scrutiny of the scene, even without the electrical discharges, it is plain this is a schematic for circuitry.  Note the cords coming from the battery housing to the bulbs.  One attendant is holding his arms up in offering, significant of a positive charge.  The other cord has two apprentices, hands down as a doubled ground charge.  The serpents represent energy in almost every esoteric circle, and here one is pointed out, and the other inward, indicating a directional flow.  The disc over the head of the Hathor is a collector antenna.  The Ra symbol and the Horus are representative of stored radiant energy, the life force.  The Monkey in the corner is holding up the Golden Feather, or Pen, or Blade of Truth.  I submit this is a scene of tremendous energy storage and dispersal to perform the task of relative Gravitonics using broadcast microwave energy.  In other words, sound as lifting force!  

The Annunaki

This image is dedicated to those marvelous beings who saved our world after the cataclysm, relaid the stones of the corners, domesticated the plant and animal kingdoms, and left the message of the 26,000 year precessional shift in colossal architectural monuments around the world.

Those whose memory is preserved by the Masonic poem:

“In the land of the dark of Night,

the Ship of the Sun

will be driven by

The Grateful Dead.”^


Initiation by: Elizabeth Haich

Secrets of the Great Pyramid by: Peter Tompkins

The work of John Ernst Worrell Keely, inventor of the sympathetic vibratory apparatus that allowed objects to float in the air, and granite to disintegrate, as discussed in:

Gods of Eden (p.88) by: Andrew Collins 

The Father of AC Power, Radio, and Broadcast Radiant Energy, Nikola Tesla, as discussed in Antigravity and the World Grid by: David Hatcher Childress

The Giza Power Plant by: Christopher Dunn


^The Ship of the Sun reference from

Aoxomoxoa by: The Grateful Dead

*The Monkey reference from

“What God Wants” track 2 from Amused to Death by: Roger Waters

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