“Nous Sommes Du Soleil”


“We Are Of The Sun”

“Here Comes the Sun King”^

©10/2008 By: Michael A. Krapek

Adapted  from Stela 10, Seibal.

Maya Ruler as Solar Ecliptic, holding the Ceremonial Bar as the Milky Way. Or precisely the path of the Sun as it makes way on its 26,000 year journey to the Galactic Hub.  The Heavenly pathway is dubbed Xibalba by the Maya, and is literally viewed as the dark rift  

leading from the edge of the Galaxy running toward the center, along the angle of the ecliptic.  The Sun King is shown wearing the ceremonial dress of the Jaguar, or Nagual, Master of the Underworld, or Dreamtime.  The spots represent sunspots and identify the personage with the ability of precognition and telepathy. These skills are peak linked with sunspot activity as are weather patterns, crop yields, and fertility.  The 26,000 year Tzolkin, or Long Count Calendar, when used with the Crystal Skull hard drives and the Sacred Peyote DNA interface has been noted as the paramount prediction device governing the destiny of the planet.  Through the identification of the source of all life source energies, (the Galactic Gamma Ray Serpent and the Planetary Grid Aurora filter,) the Maya became adept at prediction, and held high regard for the destiny and evolutionary impulse of all life.  Theirs was a moment frozen in the midst of the cosmic year, looking forward to the completion of our promised perfection, from a time lost in the wilderness.  The Sun King is representative of the individual Angelic Light Body, hidden since the fall of man, but soon to be revealed once again, 12/21/12.


Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 by: John Major Jenkins

*”Tales of Topographic Oceans” by: Yes

^”The Sun King” from: “Abbey Road” by: The Beatles

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