“House of Cards”


Interpreted by Michael Krapek ©9/15/2008

Mayan depiction of the Atlantean cataclysm as

carved in stone and found in a

remote part of the Yucatan jungle.


The memory of the cataclysmic event that ended the Ice Age 10,500 years ago is found in legend and myth the world over.  Mayan legend  contained in the Crystal Skulls as well as information culled from the readings of Edgar Cayce and other sources admit to a fundamental betrayal by “The Sons of Belial” of the basic laws of nature and the ways of the Heart, as professed by the “Sons of the Law of One.”   When the continent sank, and the crust shifted, by and large survivors were scattered all over the planet, with the two factions, Belial and One continuing their influence to the present day.

Native American (Amaru) Mystics have always known the new dawn will occur when the Human Race will awaken to realize our interconnectedness with one another and all things.  The Third Eye Opens!  Then and only then will the House of Cards fall to present the New Eden.  Eastern Philosophy has always stressed self enlightenment as the path to Nirvana.  Mother Earth requires Harmony, for it will not suffer us long if we betray her trust to the sanctity of Life. 

Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids,  by: Peter Tompkins

“House of Cards” by: Radiohead

“What goes Up” by: Alan Parsons Project

What goes up,

Must come down.

What must rise,

must fall.

And what goes on

in your mind

is turning into stone!

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