“Et in Arcadia Ego”


“Into Paradise I Go”

The pre-Columbian Vellum journal of St. Brendan.

Reproduced to accompany

“The Silent Wings...”

By:  M.A.Krapek  ©2010.

Transatlantic voyages were carried on by intrepid explorers for millennia before the voyage of Columbus.  Their quest, whether sent by commerce, king, or country, was always to search for the fabled land of Arcadia; abundance.  It was a place free of despotic corruption, unspoiled; literally the “Garden of Eden.”  Given many names over the centuries, (e.g. Atlantis, Hybrazil, Hyperborea, Avalon) by virtually every Old World culture, it WAS found in America.  But not by the Europeans.  For this Province is a state of mind, an elevated threshold of consciousness.  The indigenous peoples of ancient  Umaur (America) knew this,

and their descendants have hidden it away

until the moment presents itself.

Adapted from Mysteries of the Ancient Americas.

By: Reader’s Digest Press.   The “TELEKTONON.”

Inspired by the Songs:  “The Utopia Theme”  on the IKON,

“Bullet the Blue Sky” by: U2, “Jerusalem” by: ELP.

The Films “The Fountain” and “AVATAR”.

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