©2006 M. Krapek


Prismacolor on Strathmore

Shake Dreams from your hair-

My pretty,

My sweet Child.

And Seize the Day,

and the day’s divinity

In the first thing you see!

-J. Morrison

Key to the original drawing:

Poetic honor to the spirit of the Nagual,

which is sleeping within us all.  The discovery of the

Tomb of Lord Pa cal Votan at Palenque, Mexico led to the

translation of all Mayan Cosmology.  Serving as the Rosetta Stone,

it unlocked the mysteries of consciousness that will inevitably free mankind from

mortal bondage.  Led by authors such as Jose Arguelles, Dennis and Barbara Tedlock, and

Carl Johan Calleman, the translations serve to lift us into the many realms of consciousness that await the ones who have been awakened from being mesmerized for too long by worldly things.

(The end of Authority, and the birth of Awareness.)

Telektonon of Lord Pa cal Votan

(The Inner Eye vs. the Forked Tongue.)

And it came to pass...

After the breaking of the World...

On the day of the new Dawn

when the white eyes of The Book

were seen on bended knee

with the Peace Pipe held up

in offering to the Red Children

of the Garden

sobbing the proclamation:

“We didn’t know!”

Holding up his hand in a halting gesture,

The Red Elder replied;

“Not so fast White Man!

First fix what you have broken in our house.”

Then with the healing of the World,

all temptation,

doubt, shame,

and blame

were cast aside.

When the  Inner Eye opened,

and the former children

of the Book of Babylon:

Un-dammed the rivers,

healed the scarred earth,

cleared the air,

and restored the World Tree

within the Garden Gaia,

Adopted the thirteen moon way,

cast money aside for trust,

Burned the fuel of the universe:


Built pyramids using tele force,

Travelled the Zephyr using the Planetary Grid.

Realized One World,

One Soul.

The reluctant ones confined themselves to crumbling cities

and eventually returned to The Garden of Eden.

Then spoke of war no more,

no more, Gnow more!

Manna fell from the skies.

B/W painting of “Telektonon” author Pacal Votan

©2006 M. Krapek

His Pineal Eye was enlarged to the size of a walnut,

by ingesting a lifetime of psychoactive plants.

Pacal’s Accession.  ©2013

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